Jensen link won’t go away, is he the one to replace Joe Hart?

Celtic have once again been linked with Danish keeper Peter Vindhal Jensen.

Sparta Praha’s  Martin Vitik and  goalkeeper Peter Vindahl Jensen react at the end of the UEFA Europa league knockout round play-off second leg football match between AC Sparta Praha (Prague) and Galatasaray SK in Prague on February 22, 2024. (Photo by MICHAL CIZEK/AFP via Getty Images)

The club have been linked with the Sparta Prague keeper for a few weeks now, and his name is one that refuses to go away. Scott Burns of the Daily Record who is usually reliable when it comes to transfer targets regarding the club, has once again reported that Jensen remains Celtic’s number one target to replace Joe Hart.

Scott Burns has obviously used his ‘contacts’ inside the club to gather information and he even rubbished claims that the club are targeting Atletico Madrid keeper Horatiu Moldovan.

According to the reporter the club have been trying to strike a deal for the Dane who only signed for the Czech club last year for several weeks now, and believe a deal can still be struck despite Sparta wanting £8 million for a player they are very reluctant to sell.

There seems to a lot of substance to these reports, especially when they keep resurfacing.

Could Peter Vindahl Jensen be the man to solve our goalkeeping dilemma? Time will tell.

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  1. Seems a bit complicated to me in getting such a deal done for him imo?
    Yet we also seem to like getting involved in complicated deals also?
    So sparta make him a permanent deal after a loan spell?
    Yet could be looking to sell him on again, with the windfall of the CL money available to sparta also?
    Surely his original club AZ are potentially caught up within such a deal also?
    So with the potential complications involved, along with the time delays also, he wants to be a good keeper, if we sign him eventually for all the effort that could have been put into it in the first place imo?