“Jesus, I’m a 55 and greetin’ like a wean, God bless ye Tommy Burns”

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KEVIN GRAHAM delivered an emotional tribute to Tommy Burns last night and there was not a dry eye in the house by the time he’d finished.

A contributor to the Celtic Star and heavily involved with the Affiliation of Registered Celtic Supporters Clubs, Kevin is steeped in the Celtic tradition, and doesn’t it show.

Earlier today we carried a review of the new Tommy Burns documentary which, rather frustratingly, is being shown a week on Friday at 9pm on BBC Alba. Earlier we indicated that it was being shown this Friday, but that was incorrect. Sorry for any confusion.

Kevin’s poem certainly was well received at the Glasgow Film Theatre last night – see our review HERE – and later on on social media.

“Fantastic words,looking forward to seeing ‘Tommy Burns’, I know their will be tears when I see it, but that’s because he was a very special man who is always missed.”

“Powerful..Tommy twists..Tommy turns..Tommy Burns..god bless TB.”

“Perfect Kevin, just perfect!”

“Well done Kevin, top man.”

“Outstanding sir. Pure passion. Looking forward to this.”

“Well played Sir. You done well to do that and keep your emotions in check. I couldn’t have. Well played!”

“That is really beautiful.”

“Jesus. I’m a 55yr old man greetin like a wean here in a hotel room in London.. God bless ye Tommy Burns.”

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