John Hartson Clamps Kris Boyd Live On Air

John Hartson and Kris Boyd were great goalscorers for Celtic and Rangers respectively. Both now operate as pundits in Scottish football, but one serves as a bitter cheerleader. I’ll give you a clue, it’s the one who never played for this new incarnation of the club he cheers for.

In case you haven’t guessed yet, Kris Boyd made his trademark comments on Sky One yesterday evening, stating: “Brian Rice (Hamilton Manager), to an extent, will be pleased with his team today. I saw them getting beat by eight here (at Ibrox). You look at their starting line-up and think there’s an opportunity they could get beat by high numbers again today.

“It wasn’t the case. They stayed in the game in the first half, Celtic totally deserved to win the game, there’s no getting away from it – but it easily could have been a five or six which would’ve had a big impact on the goal difference.”

A blind man could see that Boyd was trying to have a subtle dig towards Celtic. Indeed, moments earlier he had dismissed Hartson’s comments about the Hoops keeping three clean sheets in the last four games, saying “well two of them were against poor opposition. Hamilton and Ross County haven’t even scored 15 goals between them this season.”

John Hartson picked up on his colleague’s behavior and clamped him with a short stinging remark.

“Did Rangers beat them by eight?” Hartson said.

Boyd replied: “Come on, John…”

And Hartson finished: “It was only Hamilton though, wasn’t it?”

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  1. Boyd is an ignoramus, a bigot and a midden!. How he gets away with it, I do not know!. But I know one thing, he will be just like Andy Walker, spewing his bike about everything , and then when he is out and about he will have his two big minders beside him!. I call that cowardice.!! Midden!!.

  2. Boyd did play for the rangers 2012. He played in the championship in 14/15. Simple thing to check.