Keevins’ ‘Not photoshopped’ Celtic’s pre-Christmas nightmare

It’s absolutely astonishing that Hugh Keevins is still in a job…

Shug Keevins is well-known for his anti-Celtic drivel so we shouldn’t be surprised by what he says on the radio or writes in his weekly newspaper column.

But even by his own standards he seems to have lost the plot completely this time. He actually said he’d be astonished if Brendan was still be in his job at Celtic next season.

I’m astonished auld Shug still gets paid for this drivel. Whether that’s on the airwaves or in the rags, he is clearly a confused old man who has been proven wrong on almost nearly every occasion.

This new attack on our club by Shug has no substance to it whatsoever. He’s claiming we could be in for a nightmare Christmas with theRangers coming to beat us at Celtic Park to topple us off the top of the table.

Of course you can never say never in football, but we have only dropped four points out of a possible 39 that were available. That’s the form of Champions. Yes, our European form hasn’t been great so far at leastl, but domestically we are unrivalled.

We’ve amassed 35 points and are unbeaten as we sit eight points clear in first place. That’s a record that should be applauded, considering we started the new campaign with a new manager and have had horrendous luck regarding injuries.

Where was Keevins’ fury towards theRangers last season when they were embarrassed in Europe? Or their downtrodden, dismissal campaign that saw them finish empty handed, yet again?

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers reacts during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic FC and Aberdeen at Celtic Park Stadium on November 12, 2023. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It was non-existent as the end of his career in ‘journalism’  is taken up criticising Celtic, he revels in it. He’s an odious old toad. Let’s hope we shove his words down his throat, and the odds are extremely high that we will, as he’s always off target with his claims.

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  1. A cuckolded old man, bullied for years by those of the blue persuasion around him.

    30 pieces was spent years ago.

    No better than dumpling like boys after doing it dor years, neither men have had an original thought in their lives.

    Embarrassing. Csc


    • He’s just a bog-standard tabloid hack. Nothing more, nothing less. I can’t recall ever reading anything from him that was insightful.

      He probably dreams that he’s Hugh McIlvanney, but sadly, in comparison, he’s a journalistic nonentity.

  2. Apparently he hates it when we call him “Keevins”.
    Marginally better than “Compo” imho.