Kenny Miller Adds to Nonsensical Media Drivel

Just when you thought the hysteria over last week’s meaningless dead rubber Glasgow Derby game couldn’t get any worse, step forward Kenny Miller.

According to The bold Kenny, Michael Spiel has proven he can go toe to toe with Ange Postecoglou as he’s amassed 55 points to Ange’s 54 during the Englishman’s short reign at theRangers.

Yeah ok, Kenny is right in that fact, but this is the ultimate polishing a turd scenario. You don’t need to delve deep into the footballing archives to prove Kenny is talking out his backside.

Kenny Miller of Celtic celebrates after scoring against Rangers during the Scottish Premier League match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park on September 23, 2006 (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Spiels first involvement in the derby as the main man seen him throw away two valuable points against a poor Celtic side at the turn of the year. It would suck away any lingering hope his side had of a title challenge.

His second head to head with Ange was of course the league cup final, a game of course which Celtic were worthy winners despite what the close Scoreline suggested. Part one of the treble completed.

The next clash would see him lose yet again as Celtic basically clinched the title at Celtic park last month. Part two of the treble completed. Three weeks later the pain escalated as spiel seen his side dumped out the cup by Ange and his Celtic side, a defeat that confined them to a trophyless season. Part three of a possible treble booked.

Kenny Miller of Celtic celebrates after scoring against Rangers during the Scottish Premier League match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park on September 23, 2006 (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Of course they did beat us last weekend, but that is a mere consolation as they will of course finish the season with just the bragging rights cup in the cabinet.

All that victory proved is that theRangers can’t produce when it really matters. The proverbial bottle merchants.

So as Celtic are on course to win a historic eight treble, the media are going into overdrive to try and paint a picture of rosiness at Ibrox, it helps of course when you have clowns like Miller talking drivel to add more colour too it.

At the end of the day they can talk the talk, but Celtic walked the walk. A possible three trophies in the cabinet and automatic champions league qualification secured. We don’t need to put any spin on our achievements. We are the finest team in Scotland and have the trophies to back it up.

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BTW, we’ve used Kenny Miller scoring for Celtic against Rangers and clearly loving it because re reckon Kenny isn’t too fond of these images being used!

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  1. Beaton scottish cup referee McClean var caley thistle price must have dropped to half the odds these two have a history off bias decisions against celtic and have no fear in giving them cause the sfa back them no matter what its terrible league cup final ref the best in scotland should be ref instead they put two officails that will do there best to get celtic beat its not only a rrebke its going to beat the world fecord for most trebles in a league in the world and that will hurt sfa and its mason oaths no matter expect won of the most worst refereeing decisions all through the game ive been brought up in glasgow and id say its the worst hatred for catholics for decades fuelled by ibrox orange lodge and the gov

  2. John Copeland on

    So there we have it ! According to Miller’s philosophy , the Rangers are the new TTTT champions ,winning the ‘ toe to toe trophy . More like the hee hee hee hee cup !