Kilmarnock 2-1 Celtic – We got what we deserved, which was nothing

Celtic got what we deserved, which was nothing…

We fell to our first league defeat of the season ironically the scene of our only other domestic defeat, and just like that day back in August we got what we deserved and that was absolutely nothing.

It was the polar opposite of last weeks game in Perth. We were rotten first half last week and outstanding the second period. Today we were totally dominate in the first half and should’ve been three or four up at the break.

But the second half belonged to Kilmarnock and they totally dominated and deserved their victory, we can have no complaints. Some of the players have to look at themselves in the mirror. They are just not good enough to play for this club.

Nat Phillips is one of them. He came to the club with such high promise, but he will surely be sent back to Liverpool in January. Not just for his own goal, that can happen to anyone, but today like every other game he’s played in for the club he looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights. He really is dreadful. It’s like Shane Duffy all over again.

A combination of a bad finishing and dreadful defending cost us today. It makes for a horrible combination and one that can’t be allowed to continue. But calls for Brendan’s head are way over the top. We still sit top and this was our first league defeat of the season.

We also have important players to come back, and hopefully new signings will be added to the squad in January to further improve us. If not it will be a bleak outlook indeed.

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  1. Would agree that its not the time to be calling for the head of Rodgers?
    But certainly far to many concerning trends developing within this Celtic team that can’t be continued to be ignored either imo?
    The roles of our FB are scandalous in how they are being asked to play and what they are delivering in return?
    The equaliser today was ugly enough upon our defending?
    The winner conceded was even worse, with both FB nowhere to be seen, and calmac in the DM role, stopping instead of tracking the goalscorer?
    This is only a couple of examples with plenty more on show, where you would have been expecting better from schoolboys?
    What is going on in training, if Rodgers is claiming players aren’t showing enough in training, if we are getting halves of football with nothing but crap to be seen?
    We are still starting games with a majority of treble winning players on show, despite the number of injuries presently?
    So who’s fault is that really now?
    Said a few weeks back, that this period before the winter break could well be the most crucial for ourselves, over the course of this season imo?
    And hardly gone about it in an acceptable manner either?
    So of course the anti Rodgers brigade will start to become louder, and in return not as easy to defend him either?
    To many of his decision making is becoming questionable, with the amount of tinkering he’s doing to the team?
    Even if it’s set up in the right way?
    The tactical approach taken? etc etc
    These are questions starting to shine more brightly and the solutions remain in the lessing dimmer mode currently?
    He can play the blame game as long as he likes, but if the solutions aren’t found quickly enough now, then maybe the lights will be switched off upon the return of Rodgers as the best solution?
    Will wait until the winter break, but certainly won’t tolerate to much more of that shite that was on display today, especially as it wasn’t for the first time either this season imo?

  2. we are regressing at an alarming rate.managers quixotic tactics(?) in playing two wingers costs us EVERYtime in europe.mcgregor has no presence and,bluntly,disappears when he should be stepping up to the plate (scott brown) state of the team summed up when johnston was replaced by forrest.really?is that the best this great club can come up with?far too many bang average,over the hill players on the books.clear out required starting from the TOP.