Kyogo isn’t the problem, he’s part of the solution

Chris Sutton nailed it this morning but how difficult must it have been for him to openly criticise the manager? He’s obviously totally frustrated with the performances and fears more of the same. Is he risking a ban from Celtic Park?…

Celtic Legends arrive at Parkhead (L-R) John Harrison, Henrik Larsson and Chris Sutton before the UEFA Champions League Match between Celtic and Paris Saint Germain at Celtic Park Stadium on September 12, 2017.. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

Some Celtic players and the manager have had a lot to say following the Hibernian game. Experience from the other side of the city tells us that that doesn’t tend to translate into winning silverware so it’s best to not to say too much until individual and collective performances on the pitch improve.

One player who did do his talking on the pitch was Abada, albeit he sprinted off the pitch at full time on Wednesday night without uttering a word. Actions speak louder than words. I was genuinely surprised and delighted that he didn’t move during the January transfer window given what’s gone on and is still going on in Gaza.

However, it is quite clear he is not enjoying his football at the moment and it is doing no favours to him, the team or the fans to have him on the field. Hopefully, that will change because he is a quality player.

One player who is likely to play against St.Mirren is Nicolas Kuhn. I read that Brendan was talking him up and how it would take time for him to adapt to our style of play.

Seriously, how difficult can it be given that every other manager in the league knows how we play and can set up their teams to nullify us? Putting that last point to one side and reading between the lines, I guess it means Kuhn is playing against St. Mirren in the cup tomorrow afternoon.

The manager also praised Adam Idah, which was well deserved. It also likely that Daizen Maeda will be in the team so unless I am mistaken, that all means that the line up and tactics will be similar, if not the same, to the Hibs game….Kyogo is not starting! I can only paraphrase Morecambe and Wise from their famous sketch with Andre Previn….” I am playing all the right players but not necessarily in the right formation”. Yesterday’s humour but well worth a google.

I read this morning what Chris Sutton had to say about Kyogo. He is 100% correct and I wonder why he decided to call it out now? I guess benching the player on Wednesday was the final straw and Sutton sees this as a slippery slope. Kyogo isn’t the problem, he’s part of the solution. The manager needs to see this. I am not and have never been against Brendan Rodgers but if it’s a straight choice between him and Kyogo, somebody get the sushi in.

Christopher Wotherspoon

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  1. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Rodgers finds room for both strikers. He could go straight 4-4-2 with two up top, 4-4-1-1 with Kyogo behind Idah or 4-5-1 again with Kyogo having a free hand to roam.
    We cannot depend on our wingers getting past any defender anytime soon, so playing into both our strikers may be a solution. I’m pretty sure Rodgers would want two bye line hitting wingers, as neither of them do that then that nullifies the reason to pick Kune or Maeda!

  2. Agree with Jas, time for more flexibility. The fixation with 4-5-1 is costing us.

    Kyogo needs space, you can’t ask him to create out of nothing in a packed penalty box, because he doesn’t have the physical attributes for that. Against SPL teams you create space by getting in crosses from the byline, or playing another striker to give their defenders more to think about.

    Most of all, Kyogo thrives on quick transitions, the way Ange played. Playing at tortoise pace kills his game.

  3. Celtic at present seem a team not happy with there football is it the managers style of football which if we are honest is poor. Can he turn it round maybe but there is more to it than just playing style do the players want to play for him and his coaching staff on the performance up to now well no.

  4. I do wonder if people forget just how bad it was in the second half of last season, the cup final was totally forgettable. What we are seeing now is a team in transition, the squad is a mess, but it’s getting there, GG should never have been sold, he was a get out of jail card in so many occasion, but that was Ange and his ego. Selling Jota was probably not in the plan but if you get £25 million and the player is offered crazy wages then you take it. The biggest difference is losing Jota, and GG not Ange. The style of football isn’t much different, plenty of chances when it’s going right, but nullified when it’s not.