Lawwell & Co. Last minute window shopping, rinse and repeat

Lawwell & Co bought some time with that Glasgow Derby victory, but the Celtic support has certainly not forgotten…

Peter Lawwell is seen during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Hearts and Celtic FC at Tynecastle Park on October 22, 2023. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

We finished the first section of the season on a high, beating theRangers and St Mirren to make sure we headed into the break top of the league, looking down on theRangers.

It was imperative we went into the break on a high due to the cloud that was gathering over the club just before Christmas as we suffered  to back-to-back defeats in the league for the first time in more than a decade.

Celtic supporters were delighted with these wins, but Peter Lawwell and his colleagues in the Boardroom will have been relieved, as these victories deflected some of the heat that was heading their way ahead of the January transfer window opening.

Peter Lawwell, Brendan Rodgers and Michael Nicholson. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

I hope for their own sakes that they aren’t under any false pretences that the heat has died down, even a little, because they are sadly mistaken if that’s the case. It’s still early days in the transfer window, but some supporters are starting to get impatient and rightly so.

We’ve seen this movie before with Peter Lawwell and it’s never a good one. It’s always the same predictable ending. Some will say he has no say in transfers, but it can’t be a coincidence he’s back in a position of influence and our lethargic ways in the transfer market are present once more.

Think back to our last two January windows under Ange Postecoglou, when our business was done early doors. Deals that were planned in advance. There was no messing about with Ange in charge.

Ange Postecoglou. Photo Jane Barlow

Don’t get me wrong, we could be working on something as we speak, and I,  like most supporters will be delighted if we pull a quality signing or two out of the hat. It’s a must that we do.

If nothing comes to fruition, or we end up with more ‘projects’ then the Celtic Board will be feeling the heat once more and will be dependant on Brendan Rodgers winning the league to calm everyone down before they rinse and repeat.

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  1. It’ll be the same movie again, believing anything else is delusional.
    They couldn’t care less about the fans nor their ambitions, all that matters to them is profit and loss.
    If we were in or near the red I could understand their thrift, but Lawwell bragged about having £72m in the bank. DD cannot remain in his bunker if the ST holders decide to spend their hard earned elsewhere.

    • This board have and always will take the support for granted, until there’s a downturn in ST sales which I can’t see happening as Celtic fans are incredibly loyal but this loyalty is exactly what’s keeping this board in place ,they know as long as Celtic fans buy STs they don’t care . maybe even stopping buying merchandise would send a message but I can’t see the fans doing this either,we go on about sevco fans being gullible but at least their board are pushing the boat out on acquiring new players even though sevco is skint, while liewell boasts about 72 million in the bank doing nothing, every transfer window is the same now liewells back,I still get angry at the John mcginn saga when I see how good a player he has turned out to be ,we missed out because of greedy liewell.i wonder about Rodgers as well coming back under this board after the last time he bolted because of their intransigent he afraid to rock the boat and demand quality players because Ange certainly told this board who was boss.

  2. Martin Blackshaw on

    Truth is, Peter Lawwell and others on the Board know full well that they can continue to shrt-change the supporters and still get them to buy season tickets. I don’t personally see any significant signings happening during the winter break. There may be one or two project types brought in for the usual bargain price, but no serious money will be spent. Peter Lawwell and his Board buddies don’t fear the support they way the support think they do. If they did then all stops would be pulled out to get quality in this month. It sure doesn’t look that way to me right at this minute. We’ll see.

    • Yes, it’s shaping up to be another Lawwell mess up – leaving things to the last minute.
      We’ve all seen his arrogant, condescending, complacent attitude to the fans & his incompetence that cost us 10IAR.
      His pennypinching may be helping the club’s bank balance & keep Desmond sweet but does little or nothing for any ambition the fans may hold.

      I am not convinced that he & Rodgers have settled their differences & I believe his controlling interference in everything behind the scenes does not bode well for Rodgers even if he (Rodgers) has been given some guarsntees by Desmond.

  3. Saying it for ages Lawwell is only concerned with the bank balance, some Celtic supporter he is, me bollix.