Leckie shows his true colours and his bitterness towards Celtic

Bill Leckie from that deplorable rag he writes for showed his true colours once again this week in having yet another sly dig at the Celtic supporters.

In his column last week he blasted the Hibs supporters for their sick mocking of the Ibrox disaster and rightly so, but he cleverly put his own spin on it to stop him from being accused of slinging a deafy to the vile chants of the Ibrox supporters that are heard on a weekly basis.

Celtic’s Japanese striker #08 Kyogo Furuhashi (L) celebrates after scoring his team first goal during the UEFA Champions League group E football match between Celtic and Atletico Madrid at Celtic Park stadium in Glasgow, Scotland, on October 25, 2023.  (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

In his own words Leckie stated that you can forgive ‘insults’ or chants of a racist or sectarian nature at football due to it being said in the heat of the moment. But to do it premeditatedly as the Hibs supporters had done cannot be condoned. I suppose he is right on that second point, but is singing about killing Catholics and revelling in genocide not also planned in advance? Indeed it’s ingrained into their very fabric, is it not Bill? It been there all your life and it’s just about heard every time they play.

They’ve been singing it for many decades even with several warnings being issued they still chant about it and proudly, that’s not the heat of the moment. It’s religious hatred that has been passed down the generations.

They sing it in the streets and in the homes, the schools, the workplace. It goes on everywhere. They even have parades dedicated every summer as hate crimes in Scotland continue to be mostly aimed at Catholics.

It’s hardly heat of the moment as Leckie suggests. He then remarkably finished his piece by having a go at the Celtic support and our ‘sectarian’ chanting at Tynecastle on Sunday. We’re confused now Bill. Isn’t that also heat of the moment? Not when it’s Celtic supporters he’s talking about.

Leckie has also written another article slating the Celtic support over the Palestinian flag display on Wednesday night. Yes he got all hot under the collar over a nation’s flag yet remarkably ignored a totenkopf banner publicly displayed at Ibrox just a few weeks ago.

Bill Leckie is just showing his true colours and they aren’t the black and white of St Mirren.

A journalist and a rag who deserve each other. It’s a match made in hell.

It’s brilliant to see we are upsetting all the right folk. The Celtic support has taken a right battering these past couple of weeks, as many prominent members of the media, politicians and social media line up to continually take a pop at us.

It’s nothing new but it seems to have rammed up slightly recently due to our supporters recent well publicised displays. Our crimes? Condemning fascism and showing solidarity to the poor souls in Palestine. We’ve even  committed the heinous act of waving the flag of that very country.

The irony is that the ones doing the criticising are the ones who shout from the roof tops about being denied free speech. They are also the sort of folk that you don’t mind offending, as it means we are the good guys. They  stand for all the wrong things. We should take it as a badge of honour that they can’t stand us. You certainly don’t want friends like that.

Our supporters have nothing to be ashamed of. We stand with the oppressed and help those most vulnerable in society. We have received accolades from around the world due to our work for the underprivileged. It’s something we are actively still doing and something we will continue to do. We are the good guys, no matter what the bad guys say.

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