Liel Abada – Playing for Celtic in his shoes, loved more than he will know

Liel Abada: in his shoes…yet loved more than he will know…

Celtic v Buckie Thistle – Liel Abada in action during the Scottish Cup match at Celtic Park on Sunday January 21, 2024. Photo Andrew Milligan

We’ve got Abada, he’s on the wing. Liel Abada has found himself in a very difficult situation that he neither asked for nor deserves.

Let’s imagine he scores a big important goal at Celtic Park (hardly a stretch) and runs to the Green Brigade, arms aloft in adulation. His photo is taken. In front of his raised arms we can spot Palestinian flags in the crowd.

The photo shows up on Israeli media. He is villified. His friends, his family, anyone close to him suffer the same fate. Liel would have to live with the responsibility of that, not for a few days or weeks but for life, in all probability.

Alternatively, he makes his way to his teammates or another part of the stadium. With this option he incurs the wrath of Green Brigade members who feel they have been shunned. To any such ‘fans’ in this scenario, I would say ‘get over yourself’.

He cannot be expected to pay such a heavy price for the loyalty of a few misguided people with too high an opinion of themselves. These same people, despite the commendable charity work they do, turned their back on James Forrest’s testimonial for their own agenda.

Celtic v Buckie Thistle – Liel Abada left attempts a shot on goal during the Scottish Cup match at Celtic Park, on Sunday January 21, 2024. Photo Andrew Milligan

Liel has been a consumate professional since his arrival at Celtic. He loves the club and keeps his head down, never complains and does his best. Not all young players adopt such a mature and professional attitude. He has given us some wonderful moments in the hoops.

He needs the whole stadium behind him, supporting him with understanding and respect. There are many more special moments to come from him that we will applaud and revel in.

We’ve got Abada, he’s on the wing.


Celtic v Dundee United –  Liel Abada celebrates scoring during the cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park, Saturday November 5, 2022. Photo Andrew Milligan

Liel Abada – Celtic loves you more than you will know…

Editor’s View – After the win over theRangers on 30 December, Liel Abada walked around the pitch to applaud the support after the victory, however he did go to the dug-out before the players started their post match routine, so was well at the back and nowhere near the ‘dancing’ in front of the North Curve.

Kyogo’s appreciation for Liel Abada’s assist in the win over Buckie Thistle.

On Sunday against Buckie Thistle, Abada started and had a fine game, with the Celtic support fully behind him, including it seemed to me the Green Brigade. When the winger was substituted the Celtic supporters gave him a tremendous ovation, as Brendan Rodgers will have noted and will no doubt be emphasising in any conversations he may have with the player – there is no problem with him and the Celtic support.

The Green Brigade did fly their large Palestine flag but that has been a consistent throughout Abada’s time at Celtic and their support for the Palestinian cause was well know ahead of Liel signing for Celtic.

Post match on Sunday Liel didn’t appear to have come back out to join in the post match appreciation of the support, which seems like a perfectly sensible solution to any potential issues that could arise re an unhelpful use of a photograph by the media in Israel or indeed in Scotland.

If and when Abada scores a goal in front of the Lisbon Lions stand at Celtic Park it’s up to him where to run to celebrate. If this is an issue for him he’ll know himself where he’ll head to and maybe he could just run towards the Kano Foundation weans and celebrate with them. That would make a lovely photograph.

Players don’t need to agree with the songs sung, flags flown or banners displayed by the Celtic support to have a great relationship with the Celtic support and in Liel Abada’s case he can be in no doubt of the affection that the Celtic support has for him after he received that wonderful reception on Sunday.

Yup finished by referencing the original Abada song. Here’s another idea. Maybe we should adapt Emilio Izaguirre’s old song, changing the lyrics to “As for you Liel Abada, Celtic loves you more than you will know”.

That would do the trick.


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I have been a Celtic fan for over fifty years and a keen observer of European football in general. The 4-2 game of 1979 has been and always will be my most treasured football experience.


  1. Strange article, but spot on with ‘ Liel would have to live with the responsibility of that, not for a few days or weeks but for life, in all probability’, as facists really don’t do understanding, and speak one language, that of violence and intolerance.
    Celtic supporters on the other hand, support fully, all our players, ask Paulo di Canio who actually was a facist, as opposed to having the misfortune to have been born in a facist, terrorist state.

  2. Celtus Herewegoicus on

    What’s strange about the article ? It’s topical, on the money and needed to be said.

    Liel Abada over the GB all decade long.

    I have no views on the war in the middle east other than observing that there is brutal, medieval slaughter on both sides. As usual men do the killing whilst its the women and babies who die.

  3. One side has no F16 and more advanced fighter bombers, infact it has no airforce at all, one side has no tanks or heavy armour, infact it has no armour at all, one side has no heavy artillery or illegal white phosphorus, infact it has no artillery to speak of, at all. One side has 25 thousand dead, half children, at least 25% women, the other doesn’t because their population is not under attack. One side has attacked innocent people in the West Bank, attacked Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Iran and Jordan, all to try start a wider regional conflict, to cover their war crimes, the other hasn’t.
    So slaughter on both sides is utter tosh, but then you know nothing of this you say and clearly demonstrate.