Lights, camera, action! You’ll Never Walk Alone

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THURSDAY NIGHT FEVER at Celtic Park tonight as Disco Pete got to show off his new lights – but as usual it was the Celtic supporters who were the real stars ahead of kick-off.

2500 Leipzig fans travelled to Glasgow to experience for themselves the most unique atmosphere in European football and they were treated to an excellent atmosphere and an unforgettable match.


Their excellent team started well but were soon on the back foot as Celtic, in wave after wave of attack, pinned then back after Kieran Tierney had blasted the Europa League group wide open with a stunning hot early in the match.

Leipzig drew level with 12 minutes left and the German supporters celebrated like they had won the World Cup but it was short lived – Celtic roared back and they were behind within 14 seconds.

At least it gave them a night to remember – the noise was probably heard back I Leipzig!

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