Line of the Week: “You can’t expect the oppressed to mourn the oppressor”

The Green Brigade’s banner against the Crown on Wednesday night in Warsaw which was displayed throughout the Champions League match between Shakhtar Donetsk and Celtic has received widespread criticism from the Daily Mail, the rest of the British mainstream media and that state propaganda machine that calls itself the BBC.

Yesterday they also gleefully reported that UEFA are set to fine Celtic in relation to this banner, no surprise there a as a swear word was used. The Celtic fans previously displayed a banner that used the same bad word ahead of UEFA and a fine was subsequelty issued to Celtic for the use of that offensive word.

The latest  UEFA disciplinary update states:

“Please be informed that proceedings have been opened against Celtic FC regarding a banner displayed during their Champions League match against Shakhtar Donetsk played on September 14 in Warsaw. The UEFA disciplinary bodies will decide on the matter in due course.”

If any of those BBC or Daily Mail journalists interviewed the Green Brigade on their reasons for displaying such a banner around a week after the death of Queen Elizabeth II then the Celtic ultras group might have told them that:

“You can’t expect the oppressed to mourn the oppressor”.

They didn’t of course but those very words have been spoken this week and the point made very forcefully by this South African host of a late night TV show, who rather amusingly has his eyes on the stolen South African diamond that sits on top of the English Crown!

“You can’t expect the oppressed to mourn the oppressor” is perhaps the line of the week, but you won’t hear it on the BBC or in the Daily Mail.

It is however an explanation for the banner being displayed in Warsaw and would make a brilliant banner on Sunday at St Mirren rather than the Warsaw one getting used again.

Watch the “You can’t expect the oppressed to mourn the oppressor” point being made on South African television…

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    • #Croftcelt: A very fair comment. I believe lost Celtic fans cringed instead of laughing or rejoiced when they saw that on Wednesday night. It wasn’t necessary at all and there’s many different ways their feelings could have been told, if they felt they had a need to, without putting out crass and immature banners. They would’ve gained a lot more support and backing if they had used the above headline statement in place of what they decided was funny and appropriate. The GB & NC do fantastic Togo’s at CP and can bring a great atmosphere, but it’s moments of stupidity like this that antagonises not only others who will use this as another bullet to try and shoot us down, but also by their fellow supporters.

  1. Agree with Croftcelt.
    Once again the Celtic supporters and club held up to ridicule by the actions of the few.
    They are mirror images of their counterparts in the BroomieLaw.
    Swear words are the language of the illiterate .
    When will the club stand down the chocolate soldiers of the so called Green Brigade?

  2. Martin Blackshaw on

    I’m a Celtic supporter and I was appalled beyond words to see that banner. What a humiliation for the club on a global stage! Celtic has long lost its roots in Brother Walfrid, a Catholic monk who would have been outraged by such a wanton lack of basic human respect for the dead. I would not be surprised in the least to see major sponsors break ties with Celtic over this display of Marxist hatred, it just beggars belief.

    Celtic FC needs to root this Green Brigade lot out because it’s a Red brigade of subversives hiding behind football and using the club to promote its vile ideology. I hope EUFA throws the book at Celtic to finally force the Board’s hand. I’ll bet these Green Brigade morons don’t have any scruples when taking benefits from the crown! Absolutely sickening behaviour that has no place in sport!

  3. On Sunday at Paisley, when the minute’s applause starts, I would urge the Celtic support to turn their backs on the pitch and stand in silence……….don’t do the huddle, don’t yell or protest….just stand in silence ignoring the pitch.

    This would reverberate much louder than any protest

    • Martin Blackshaw on

      And what does that suggestion have to do with sport? No, what needs to happen is for Celtic FC to ban the Green Brigade for life. This is Scotland , not Ireland. Let them take their politics and hatred elsewhere – the sporting arena is not the place!

  4. Why should supporters of Celtic FC mourn a Queen who is head of the armed forces who went into parts of Derry and other areas of Northern Ireland and indiscriminately shot dead innocent unarmed civilians yes she even put medals on their chests for their part in Bloody Sunday massacre that’s why the supporters have no time for the Queen is it so hard for you “ royalists@ to see our side of things.