‘Management it is a different sport, leave your medals at the door as it is a different game,’ Rodgers

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WE have had this theory for a while and have written about it on The Celtic Star, so it’s interesting that it is beginning to show some momentum. It goes like this, Brendan fancies another crack at a big job in England but is in no rush to leave Paradise. He fancies being ‘Here for 10IAR’ and in doing so make all sorts of history for himself at the club.

Then he’ll pass on the future of the club to Scott Brown. His skipper plans to play for these 8th, 9th and 10th consecutive title wins and has big ambitions to go into management.

Brendan was asked yesterday about the possibility of Broony taking over when his own time comes to leave Celtic and he certainly is enthusiastic about the idea of Broony playing through to 10IAR and then managing the club.

Here’s Brendan on Broony playing on for 10IAR, then managing…

“I don’t see any reason why not. His legs are still strong, he is still looking after himself and this season he has won everything, every award going, and he has more years left.

“But there is no doubt, if he wants to go down that route he will need to go away, do his qualifications and study and get his experiences.

“He has a great history here, but he knows if he goes into management it is a different sport, you leave your medals and Cups at the door as it is a different game.

“But I am sure that later in life that is something that he can head towards. The likes of Neil Lennon and Billy McNeill did it here and other players, so I am sure he would like to follow in their footsteps.”

Brendan also revealed that he advised Broony to step away from the coaching role he was undertaking when the Irishman took over at the club.

“When I first came in he was coaching here and I told him that if he had no plans to retire soon to step out of it.

“I felt it was eating too much into his time as a player. So, he has come away from that.”


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