Marco Tilio – At last some good news for Celtic

A comeback for Marco Tilio at international level is clearly good news for Celtic, when will we see him play in the Hoops?

Marco Tilio, remember him? The highly rated Aussie winger we signed in the summer. Marco has of course failed to make a single appearance for the first team despite costing £2 million, due to a combination of injury and fitness issues.

But yesterday the forgotten Bhoy made his comeback at international level, albeit it at under 23 level as he played the final ten minutes of the Aussies win over Qatar. This begs the question. Will we see him in a Celtic shirt anytime soon?

He’s obviously back to full fitness so we can’t hide behind the ‘not fit enough’ excuse we’ve been given recently.

If not, then there is clearly an issue with his qualities as a player as Brendan would have no hesitation in playing him otherwise. We all know he wasn’t a Brendan signing but neither were the likes of Yang and Holm and it hasn’t stopped them getting serious game time.

Marco was highly rated and seen as one of Australia’s up and coming stars of the future, he must have something about him right? You’d like to think so as our scouting department rarely get it wrong in the recruitment department, especially when it comes to parting with a big sum of cash.

Maybe we are reading to much into it and Brendan is just making sure he’s fully ready to make his first team bow. If not, questions over Marcos signing will continued to be asked.

Taking the positive view, both Luis Palma and Yang have been successful signings so as Marco is part of the same recruitment strategy then why wouldn’t he turn out to be a decent signing too? Fingers crossed for the Bhoy.

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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  1. “Our scouting department rarely get it wrong “are you joking,we have signed and had on loan far more duffs than successes in recent times,we’ve wasted millions.

      • It’s not propaganda, it’s the writer’s opinion and that’s what we publish, views of Celtic supporters. The context is that you ar looking longer term but some supporters live in the here and now or thereabouts and this seems to be a new covering the past few seasons. And why not judge each site on its own merits and make your choice accordingly. If this one is not for you then so be it.

  2. We find ourselves now in a situation with Maeda and Abada both out injured for the next few games, where we will be hoping that Tilo can step up with the potential opportunity that awaits?
    The current form of Palma and Yang might not seem like it’s much of an issue, but with the 5 sub rule in play, it potentially is?
    Usually with the 5 sub rule, you hope to be able to replace your front 3, so in the wider areas that allows for forest, Johnson and Tilo to make up 2 of the 3 subs places available upon the bench?
    Not an issue with winning a game comfortably, could become an issue if looking for a winner within a game, so this is where the depth of squad can become vital for ourselves still.
    Scales remains the best example of how unexpected opportunities can work out so well, so who can say Tilo won’t follow suit either?
    It’s a squad game that is required these days, and thankfully we have had the squad in place to help overcome the horrendous injury problems to key players so far this season?
    Far from ideal situation for the remaining 2 CL games, and Tilo won’t be involved regardless, yet if a potential success for the SPFL games, will only highlight the ridiculous situation we find ourselves having to combat especially with CL involved.
    Not prepared to write Tilo off completely, like many are prepared to do so currently, especially without even seeing what he can potentially offer to ourselves going forward?
    Yang and Palma starting to look like very decent signings now, who’s to say that Tilo can’t be added to the list?