Marta Ostrowska –  ‘Profesjonalizm 100%’

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Profesjonalizm 100% – that was how Marta described herself on Facebook.

Maybe not quite 100% Marta.

Remember the events after the Celtic v Legia Warsaw Champions League Qualifier at Murrayfield in early August 2014?

Marta Ostrowska was the Legia Warsaw administrator who made the mistake of including Bartosz Bereszynski, their suspended player in the squad at Murrayfield, having not registered him against St Pats in the previous round or in the first leg against Celtic in Warsaw. As a result if this mistake Marta fired by Legia Warsaw.

Marta made a mistake – no doubt about that. But where were the systems in place at Legia Warsaw to prevent such a catastrophic error occurring with a potential loss to their club running into tens of millions of euros?

The Legia Warsaw directors, who were busy shouting and bad mouthing Celtic in the aftermath of their elimination from the Champions League qualifiers, should maybe have looked at themselves. Their systems failed. Dariusz Mioduski, the chairman of Legia Warsaw, should have looked at his own failings. It was very easy to blame Celtic (who did nothing wrong), blame UEFA (who simply applied the rules) and then blame a member of staff who only took up the post the year before in 2013.

The reason Legia Warsaw were eliminated from the Champions League Qualifiers was down to Mioduski and his board – not Celtic, UEFA or even the unfortunate Ms Ostrowska.

In all of this one thing emerged – Legia Warsaw – 0% profesjonalizm.

Meanwhile there will always be a very warm welcome at Celtic Park for Marta!


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