Martin O’Neill Mocks The Insanity Of Scottish Football

Martin O’Neill was on BBC Sportsound this afternoon talking about the film, The Damned United, which centres on his former boss Brian Clough.

O’Neill was then asked about the insanity of Scottish football and if he misses it. To which the Irishman replied:

“You’re right about that. Some things I definitely miss, I miss us going up to Pittodrie and beating Aberdeen 3-0 and the Daily Record saying ‘Celtic lucky again’ I love it. And James Traynor for years and years saying that he supported Third Lanark or whatever then he took a job at Rangers.”

To be fair to James Traynor – words you never thought you’d read on The Celtic Star, he actually claimed to have been an Airdrie supporter. Curious that MON mentioned Third Lanark, because them, like Airdrie and Rangers all ended up going bust and disappearing from the Scottish game.

A form of both Airdrie and later on Rangers did re-emerge, but these were easily spotted and identified as the tribute acts that they are.

Well done MON!

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