‘Mate’, an Aussie would say, ‘Good Girl,’ an Irishman said, then all hell breaks loose

Two harmless words, ‘good girl’, is seen as highly offensive, outrageous even, yet sickening bigotry and disgusting racism is dismissed, overlooked and passively accepted by the Scottish mainstream media…

Brendan Rodgers is still the centre of attention due to his much publicised post match interview at Fir Park on Sunday afternoon. The Celtic manager is currently public enemy number one due to what is being crazily been perceived as sexism by many media outlets up and down the entire country.

Bizarrely two totally innocent words spoken by Brendan is the subject of many debates not just on sports shows, but various talk shows across the UK. Remember when Australian Ange Postecoglou used to say ‘mate’ at his media conferences at Celtic?  It was a touch of Oz, and it has to be said he used it brilliantly. If Ange’s family never emigrated to Australia and he came to Celtic with Greek as his mother language, he might have been the same top quality football manager but he would not have been calling anyone ‘mate’.

Same goes for Brendan Rodgers who is from the six counties in Ireland where ‘Good Lad’, ‘Good Girl’ and the like are commonly used.  It’s just a common expression from his homeland, as is the case with Ange’ saying ‘mate’.

As Brendan himself said it’s a damning indictment on society that people are always on the look out for something offensive to try and pin on people, although in this case there was nothing wrong with what Brendan said, even Jane Lewis, the reporter who was on the receiving end of the so called offensive word, sees no problem with it.

That should be the end of the matter, not that there was one to answer in the first place, but three days later there is still a national debate being held regarding the Celtic manager. It seems all the more bizarre when you consider that the same media look the other way when it comes to genuine offensive words.

Yes the regular degrading bigotry that is belted from the stands on a weekly basis in Scottish football, mainly from the club who play out of Ibrox, but let’s be honest it’s not just them. Songs glorifying the murder of Catholics and celebrating the Irish genocide are regularly ignored in the Scottish media never mind being debated throughout the UK.

Remember that even a Totenkopf was on display at Ibrox earlier this season and it was barely given any attention by the media. Yes the symbol of one of the most evil murderous regimes in the history of mankind was seen flying in a Scottish football ground and it wasn’t even deemed worthy of a national debate by the most ‘offended’ in society. Strange that eh?

And while we’re on the subject, there are some chants that are occasionally heard at Celtic games which should have no place in Paradise or when we are representing the wider Celtic family at away grounds. Thankfully these are few and far between but we should always strive to be better, much better than those who despise us.

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