Matt O’Riley wasn’t having a dig at Postecoglou while praising Rodgers

We shouldn’t read too much into Matt O’Riley’s comments yesterday afternoon about the differences in styles between Brendan Rodgers and former manager Ange Postecoglou.

Matt O’Riley raised a few eyebrows with his comments about new manager Brendan Rodgers in his recent interview on Celtic TV.

Matt O’Riley of Celtic controls the ball during the Celtic vs St Mirren Cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park on May 20, 2023 (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Matt said it was a refreshing change to have a manager who would make time to have a chat with the players even joining them for lunch. That’s not a dig at Ange in my book, most likely a different approach to management than Matt has been used to in his career.

Brendan as we know is very much a ‘people person’ and likes to form a close bond with his players, more like a mate as well as a boss, it’s just his style.

That doesn’t mean Ange was unapproachable or feared by the players, his style was more of a teacher student one, and it worked for him one hundred percent. The players respected him, that was never in doubt as results proved.

Ange had the respect of the players, here’s his embrace with Jota at the Scottish cup Final as both knew the their time at Celtic was coming to an end.

All manager’s differ in their approach and style. Ange is his own man just as Brendan is his. The only trait that share is that they are both proven Treble winners. That is not in question.

Matt O’Riley provided the insight from Lennoxtown as he reflected in the first few days of pre-season training working under Brendan Rodgers.

“So far it’s been amazing,” the 22 year-old midfielder told Celtic TV. “Everyone seems quite upbeat and he brings that in terms of how he goes about things. He’s not reluctant to come and sit with us at lunch, have a chat which is quite nice. It’s a nice, refreshing change in a sense to have a bit more openness about the place. I’m looking forward to that.

“It was an amazing achievement. It has sunk it but Brendan has come in already and basically told us that’s done now isn’t it. It’s there, it’s in the history books but at the same time we have another season to do it again.”

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  1. Sounds like a dig, the bit about their being an ‘openness’ about the place. And he hardly played O’Riley 2nd half of season & Postecoglou seemed to have his favourites, like Jota, who 2nd half of season wasn’t doing much. So it comes across as if he was dropped and little communication or ‘openness’ in the environment.

  2. Rabbie Burns on

    As long as real Ange favourites like Maeda & Starfelt get treated like every other player i’ll be happy; if you play shit, you’re dropped! If someone plays well in your position, they play again.