Mikey may not be the answer, but some of the abuse he receives is out of order

Mikey Johnston may not be the answer for Celtic, but some of the abuse he receives is out of order…

Mikey Johnston was handed a rare opportunity yesterday as Brendan sent him on as we searched for the breakthrough at Easter Road. It was the first time he’d played for Celtic in 19 months.and the winger’s first appearance in a Celtic shirt since his loan spell in Portugal with Vitoria Guimaraes.

His performance wasn’t any worse than the other players on the pitch, but Mikey seemed to get much more stick. I like most Celtic supporters don’t think Mikey is going to make it at Celtic. He is a talented player, who will make a decent living from the game, but sadly that won’t be at Celtic.

Hibernian v Celtic –  Mikey Johnston right and Lewis Miller battle for the ball during the cinch Premiership match at Easter Road on Saturday October 28, 2023.Photo Jane Barlow

He’s not a youngster anymore he’s 24, and lacks the consistency and fitness to compete at Celtic. His days are probably numbered as a Celtic player but then again Brendan Rodgers might just work his magic and may just think that he can get the best of a player who was very highly rated by the club during the manager’s first spell in charge.

But does that make the abuse he receives justified? No of course not. Criticism is fine, but some of the abuse Mikey is subjected to is out of order. Particularly on social media. You’d think Mikey was responsible for all the worls wrongs if you read some of the comments about him, particularly on Twitter or is it X? Those who use that social media platform will know what I mean. We’ve all seen it.

Hibernian v Celtic –  Lewis Miller left and Mikey Johnston battle for the ball during the cinch Premiership match at Easter Road on Saturday October 28, 2023. Photo Jane Barlow

Mikey whether we like it or not, is still a Celtic player. That’s Brendan’s decision not ours. We should respect that, and criticise by all means, but it should always be remembered that there is a fine line between fair criticism of a player and the horrible abuse that was thrown his way yesterday.

Hibernian v Celtic . Mikey Johnston of Celtic is after the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Hibernian and Celtic at Easter Road,  on 28 October 2023. Photo Paul Phelan PSI

Here’s a few sensibles post on X worth sharing…

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  1. You said it yourself when you stated his age. He’s 24 and been at Celtic since a boy so apart from the time away in Portugal what has he done in all his time with us? Very little would have to be the answer.
    Is there any Celtic fan that would rather have ralston over AJ probably not again ralston has been there a long time and sadly for him he isn’t good enough for bigger games in league and definitely not in Europe same with Turnbull, Bain and forest who has been a fantastic servant but missed so much football due to injury or like under ange not getting picked.
    I have nothing against these guys and wouldn’t give them personal abuse but if we want to be successful we need better back up than what they give us

  2. Done MUCH more than Maeda did in his hour odds on the park. Maeda, who was hiding in plain sight as usual .. only comes alive when he has tae chase back, like a wee daft Yorkshire Terrier (but wi worse control). MJ not gid enough for Celtic, but neither is Maeda. When did Maeda last put in a decent cross?

    The Palma “assist” v Atleti was meant for Kyogo, daft bhoys! Well, MJ put a few decent in on Saturday. If only he could run aroond like a heidless chicken & was born in Tokyo, then he’d be a favourite of all the daft bhoys wi zero idea of what a fitbaw player looks like anymare after likin Ajer, Starfelt & this Maeda haddy! Celtic jersey now shrinkin tae fit far too many inferior players these days.

    BR should have rested a few players after Atleti game, crazy that he didn’t. Palma very greedy and looking for headlines himself too much, couldae played Kyogo in a few times. Maeda a ghost, hiding and not wanting the ball in dangerous positions as usual. Iwata not had a sniff since playing well & scorin a peach v Hearts. Yang couldae started. Turnbull should be sold. Forrest shouldnae be getting on afore Oh imho. Seems like BR trying to tell the Board (Peter feckin Liewell) tae open the biscuit tin in January .. can be only reason for it, unless actual stupididty!

    • Also … the referee was horrible! As bad as the ref Scotland had v Spain. Knew we were getting zero from him all game & they’d get every possible chance tae lump crosses intae oor box. Refs see a new manager over the road again & are havin another attempt tae even the playin fields. Watch for mare penalties incomin .. & we’ll get a few gift ones when 2 or 3 goals up so the stats dinnae look as obvious come the end of the season this time. The refs might actually gie a pen against Them when they’re 3 or 4 goals up tae as they realise world records like that come under scrutiny.

      • Well, ^^ I was right, nae surprise there though. Seriously believe theRangers supportin refs like Cheatin Beaton & Muir wanted Beale oot themselves & stopped givin them the usual gifts (that they did give him when he was the new Messiah). Noo they hae another manager they want tae help, & as we seen, help they did! Penalties can be given at EVERY corner for EVERY team by the letter of the law .. it’s just what the ref (& VAR cronies) choose to give now. They have ALL the power, & nothin gets said or done. Interesting what Naismith said he was told by Cheatin Beaton etc regardin the penalties yesterday. Corrupt & they dinnae care who knows it!

  3. I’m not a Rogers fan, so maybe my judgement is clouded but….there were three subs, Johnstone, Turnbull and Forrest who, for different reasons, have no future at Celtic. Yet Rogers brings on all of them and, unsurprisingly, they contributed nothing. He goes on about a bloated squad and still plays these three?
    Honestly, I don’t rate him.