Mixed Reaction to Gordon Strachan’s Ranting and Raving on Celtic TV

Just wanted to register how delighted I was with wee Gordon Strachan’s pundit performance after the game. Real intelligence, common sense and passion. He pointed out the obvious – that certain players have done wonders for 4 years and need a hand – and the manager – whoever that is – should let them do that.

He pointed out that the rush to change everything is madness – given how successful the team has been for 4 years. If we chase everyone out we have no one left! He also warned about the danger of just playing pretty football and passing about like it was training. Most importantly he was rightly annoyed about Eddie and Soro laughing and clowning about at the end after the mess Eddie made of a certain chance to kill the game – by mucking about – again – and not putting his teammate in.

Photo: Andrew Milligan

If we are looking at a Director of Football and/or inspiration then Strachan sounds to me like the man. He also makes the very good point that all coaches know – you need to have a coaching philosophy and then specifically get in players that will live up to that. Most uplifting thing I have heard in a while. I would go out and play for that guy.

Martin Leadbetter

Photo: Andrew Milligan

Not everyone agrees with Martin though…”Delighted to have Gordon Strachan patronising us all about how we don’t understand football. Added value,” 20MT Celtic Podcast tweeted. 

“Gordon Strachan trying to suggest that Lennon/Lawwell leaving isn’t the answer and that fans have just been mindlessly screaming for change due to a “five month blip” after 10 years of winning everything. Clueless. I like GS, but that’s hopeless from him,”  Mark NcArdle stated. “Stop digging Gordon. Anybody who thinks Lawwell/Lennon have been unfairly hounded out and that the club hasn’t been in absolutely dire need of modernisation on all fronts for years should be nowhere near CelticTV.

“The support hasn’t just been happy for 9 years. Under Neil Lennon first time we saw some really turgid stuff, Deila was viewed with disdain by much of the support by the time (the)Rangers beat us in the Scottish Cup semi, and how often did we despair at slow, sideways passing in Brendan Rodger’s 2nd and 3rd seasons?” he added.

“£500 for Gordon Strachan to patronise fans and tell us we don’t understand football. Cheers Celtic,” Liam stated, “He has a point though,” replied GovanBhoy.

“Gordon Strachan has become such a Celtic fan and advocate for the club… His enthusiasm for the club is great to watch listen to… WE this… WE that… DOF right there!” Mixnighttosix added.

So Strachan certainly got the support talking about what he had to say in his rant, which was at least entertaining!

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  1. It was a rant alright and he seemed to lose track of what he was trying to get across but he has previous for this anyway so not so surprising.

  2. Can’t believe that people are suggesting Strachan for DoF. Can I remind the support that he dismantled a big physical team, that, the rangers were scared off. Bobo couldn’t get a game, and when we were crying out for a striker, he brought in Willo Flood as a midfielder. If you want a lot of wee scotsmen in the team, bring him in. Be careful what you wish for!!!

  3. Have to side with Gordon Strachan on this one! It is the easiest thing in the world to say “Sack the Manager!” “Change this!”. It is less easy to come up with anything constructive. Such things need thought, planning and time! Oh, and Gordon Strachan won three titles out of four seasons. That strikes me as being not too bad. More power to you, Gordon. I haven’t always been a great fan of you, but I am now. And those who moan about the 2010s about Lennon, Deila and Rodgers clearly weren’t around in the early 1990s. Now, that really was bad!

  4. He certainly spoke my thoughts/angry texts about 3 players coming off the park….dont forget EL Yanoussi ! ! But we have been diluted for years, in terms of player quality and managers, exactly as per added comments above .ref: european results. Lennon x2, Delia and Rodgers in eorope, although I believe he had the beating of Scotland . I definitely don’t believe we are wrong asking for change. I also reference the repeated and yet again, prevarication over managerial appointments. They don’t or refuse to recognise, or admit to the foley of their policy.

  5. P.S. I have been around since the sixties. I just don’t like the way Celtic have been doing business over past 7-8 years. Reminds me of previous dynasties milking the club .