More examples of ‘inconsistencies’ from VAR in Scotland

More examples of ‘inconsistencies’ from VAR in Scottish football…

We all know how much maligned VAR has been since its introduction into the Scottish game last October.  Some clubs seem to benefit from it while others seem to have it continually used against them.. Or maybe it’s just the sheer ‘inconsistency’ that annoys the football supporters across the Scottish Premiership, well for eleven sets of supporters.

It’s worth saying that It’s just not exclusive to Scotland as the technology is vilified around the globe. It’s quite frankly becoming a hindrance, when it was meant to help end moments of controversy. Much of that is being put down to ‘human error’ but is that really a viable explanation? Especially in this wee country.

This week has seen some more incidents of ‘inconsistencies’ and as usual it’s one club who have come out on the favourable side of it. Yes that would be the same club who haven’t conceded a penalty in 66 games of league football stretching nearly two years. That’s an amazing stat, especially under the scrutiny of VAR. Or is it?

Last week at Ibrox with the home side trailing late on, an incident in the penalty area led to a VAR review and lo and behold the home side were awarded a spot kick. Contrast that in midweek when Celtic were denied a spot kick after a brutal challenge on Kyogo that wasn’t even deemed worthy of a second look by VAR and incidentally when The Celtic Star asked Brendan about this and also the booking Kyogo picked up for being blocked in a separate incident, the Celtic manager didn’t want to know.

Then the next day in Dingwall there were a few incidents of the same nature that mirrored the one that got theRangers a get-out-of-jail penalty against Hearts last week, yet not one was highlighted by the VAR studio.

It’s becoming more evident that VAR is more than favourable towards one club and is just not interested when it comes to Celtic.

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  1. Can we stop blaming the technology! It is who is applying it that is not using it properly, maybe to get it taken away so that they can get back to just corrupt refereeing. Just a thought. P. S. Wake up Celtic.

  2. Gone are the simple days of just having one corrupt referee and two corrupt linesmen on the park, backed by the scum like Jim Farry etc in the offices.
    Now the referees can make a wee square in the air, pretending they saw something on a tv monitor confirming Celtic were incriminated.
    I’m quite shocked Yang wasn’t booked for simulation yesterday.
    After all, wasn’t the ref looking right at the tackle from a distance of less than eight feet?

    I wonder if you could have found a bookie anywhere in the world today to give you odds on the new club getting a penalty to get them on the scoreboard if there was no score at half time!

    • Not just Them getting a penalty, but I predicted that they would soon get a penalty against Them when at least 3 goals up in a game as the no penalties against stat was just so ridiculously long. World record long. Near the end of Beale’s reign the refs stopped gifting them everything as theRangers supporting refs wanted him out (being the same as all fans of the club, of course). Now new manager in they try & gift them as much as possible again & take away (or not give) as much as possible from us. We have tae score fae outside the box tae even know if our goals will be allowed now.