More Meltdown Mayhem – Much Ado About Nothing

Speak up Crawford, we can’t hear you…

Crawford Allan, remember him? A man the great Billy Connelly would call one of the surname clan. Crawford is of course the head of the professional referees in this country. The bold Crawford likes to make a song and dance when it comes to questionable decisions from his charges.

Remember his fury when Kyogo scored a debatably onside goal against Hearts two years ago? He was highly vocal and critical as he interrupted his holiday to appear on BBC Sportsound. But today, when a row has erupted over a decision that has been proven beyond reasonable doubt, to be correct, he’s nowhere to be seen or heard.

That is very strange considering one of his employees is being dragged through the mud by both the media and theRangers Football Club. Very strange indeed.

The same could be said of the referee’s fellow work colleagues, not one has come out in defence of their fellow workmate. Remember during the ‘Dougie Dougie’ episode? There was a big noise made and even industrial action was taken. But now, nothing. It’s a wall of silence. Funny that eh? It makes you wonder what they have to hide.

Crawford met theRangers yesterday at the Ibrox club’s request.  Then theRangers released a statement about that meeting that is at odds with how the Scottish FA reckoned the meeting went. And now the Scottish FA have issued a statement of their own on the ongoing row with theRangers. It reads as follows:

“We note posts from a recent official media partner of the club’s detailing requests from the private meeting that were immediately rejected.

“We would ask that club representatives show greater responsibility in such matters, especially in the context of recent incidents in European football that have compromised the safety of match officials and led to widespread condemnation.

“The Scottish FA is disappointed by contents of the most recent statement issued by (the)Rangers in relation to a match incident during the club’s recent Premiership fixture against Celtic.

“Chief Executive James Bisgrove and Director of Football Operations Creag Robertson attended a private briefing with the Head of Referee Operations, Crawford Allan, to review the incident in question, including the use of matchday audio.

“We understood from the chief executive that the meeting had been constructive and informative, and conducted amicably. This does not appear to be reflected in the club’s statement. During the meeting, it was pointed out that the incident in question was a subjective handball and that the VAR did not deem it a sufficiently clear and obvious error to refer to On Field Review.

“Furthermore, the offside would not have been mentioned at the time as it was not part of the VAR’s decision-making on the handball.

“It was highlighted within Clydesdale House that had the VAR considered the incident to be a handball offence and asked the referee to carry out an On Field Review, the Attacking Phase of Play would have been checked and an offside would have been identified. 

“This supplementary information was relayed to broadcasters in-game, and we are reviewing the process of information dissemination to avoid any perceived ambiguity in future.

“There was an overall consensus that the incident could not have led to a penalty kick being awarded in any event, and that there was no impact on the final outcome of the match.

“Scotland’s VAR protocol is in many ways modelled on the PGMOL system, and we are in regular dialogue with our colleagues in England on knowledge sharing and improvements.

“VAR has been operational in Scotland for just over a year, whilst it has been operational in England for more than four. Since the summer, we have ensured that Key Match Incidents are reviewed and shared with all clubs after every full round of 11 Premiership fixtures, including use of audio. We will continue to do this, along with KMI being shared with the Independent Review Panel for their consideration and opinion.”



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  1. Friday morning, and still no sign of the “SFA Statement” on their website. Looks as though they really are trying to sweep this under their carpet, along with all of their other secretive dealings with the Ibrox clubs.