Narrow Gap fail, Goal Difference fail, yet Martindale claims Beale is Ange’s equal

You have to laugh to yourself sometimes the way the mentality and group-think of Scottish football can be religiously reiterated in the mainstream media. The way the entire footballing sphere in this country has tried time and time again to big up managers of the 11-year-old club that plays at Ibrox really is astonishing.

The latest one they have a sycophantic love-in with is Mick Beale; the motor-mouthed, arrogant Englishman talks as if he’s a Champions League-winning manager, but in reality he’s just barely cutting his teeth in management and was an assistant right up until a few months ago.

Despite this though, he receives unparalled praise for his wonderful tactical brain and man-management skills. Yes, to look at Mick Beale is to know genius – apparently. The endless stream of media figures and fellow fans of the newest Govan side that hold jobs in Scottish football just can’t wait to kiss his posteria some more.

After all, that’s in keeping with the script – right?

The latest to come out and make the most ridiculous hypothesis about the former Queens Park Rangers gaffer’s skillset is none other than Livingston’s Points-Per-Pound Pauper. Yep, it’s the little bald man that has always got an excuse whenever Ange Postecoglou and his Celtic team dismantle the anti-footballers he has working for him.

This time however, he takes the biscuit entirely. The moron has actually come out and stated that Mick Beale is Ange Postecoglou’s equal. How utterly contemptible and disrespectful, considering all that Postecoglou has achieved in the game. Asian Cup winner, A-League winner, J-League winner, and Scottish Premiership and League Cup winner now. How can Beale possibly stand up to scrutiny as an equal?

Sheer fantasy by Martindale.

But its never changed this narrative we have to endure in Scotland. It’s cultural as much as anything and it is so deeply engrained it’s doubtful if our club, players, and management team will ever get the credit they deserve. Remember when they slaughtered the highly experienced and decorated Jo Venglos? And then had the audacity to slag his signing of Lubomir Moravcik?

I think we all know who had the last laugh there. And this time will be no different. And if he’s simply looking at the head-to-head record since Beale got the gig at Ibrox then he has FAILED to narrow the points gap, FAILED to narrow the goal difference gap, it’s actually increased considerably and with som few games remaining for Beale to do anything about it, its effectively as good an another point of Postecoglou, and he FAILED to win his home match against Celtic in the 2-2 draw at the start of January, a result that MAINTAINED Celtic’s nine points advantage at the top of the league, looking down on theRangers.

Anyway, let them all spout their drivel. We are all used to it, are we not?

We always tend to come out on top anyway as the past two decades since the millennium have shown…

Listen to this latest Martindale nonsense here…

Paul Gillespie

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  1. I hope he’s just trying to feed their mis-placed ego, in the hope of tumbling them ??? If that’s the case and goes to plan, I will be happy to let him spout this shite to wee micky and his dob press pals.