Neil Lennon Hits Back At Media And Tells His Detractors That There Is No Justification For Him To Be Sacked

Celtic manager Neil Lennon has told his critics there is “no justification” for him to be sacked.

Celtic are six points off the top in the Scottish Premiership and looking to end a rare run of three consecutive games in all competitions without a victory.

Despite those results, Lennon said:

“This is being driven by people who are coming up with conspiracy theories about my role and what I bring to the club.

“Nobody sees what I do on the training ground, I’m here from 8.30am until six at night. I sound like Donald Trump now but it’s all fake news. I shouldn’t have to defend myself and don’t feel under any major pressure.

“Am I unhappy with this week’s results, then yeah. We like to play well and win. We have a lot to look forward to and are getting stronger again. And I think I should be the man in charge of it. There is no justification for me to be sacked, none whatsoever.

“A minority of our fans need to calm down and let the players settle. Fans might not want to buy into that but if they can’t enjoy this season I don’t know what they can enjoy. Some need to show a bit of patience because it’s unbalanced and not helping the players. But in the main, I think the majority of the fans are behind the team.”

The deeper lying issue for many supporters has been the poor performances all season and the lack of penetration in our play. At times this has been masked by late goals, but now results have put the Bhoys in a compromising position, albeit it is still very early days.

One of under-performers has been Shane Duffy, who has been at fault for goals in each of the last three games. However, Lennon claimed recent criticism of the Irish international has been “hysterical” and “ridiculous”. The Derry defender joined Celtic from Brighton in September on a season-long loan and was built up massively. Again, it’s early days, but his form hasn’t been the best to date.

Lennon said: “Players getting singled out and abused, it is absolutely shocking. If that’s the way of the modern world. I am glad I am not a player any more. Shane needs to find his feet. He has had a bumpy week, nothing more nothing less. It happens. I am not happy with the treatment he is getting from certain quarters of the media. I think it is hysterical. He is a quality player. The personal, banging the drum with certain players is unacceptable. He made a mistake, he shouldn’t be hung out to dry for it. He has my full support, he has the team’s full support.

“I have seen millions of players come in here and take time to find their feet and then go on to have brilliant careers.

“There is a clear lack of respect for the players, management and backroom staff at the minute because of one bad week.”

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