Neil Lennon is welcome back at Celtic anytime, but time as manager has past

Of course Lenny would come back. He’s a true Celtic man, but it’s unlikely to ever happen, at manager level anyway…

; Neil Lennon and Michael Stewart on Viaplay sports duties

Neil Lennon was asked yesterday if he would come back to Celtic in any capacity in the future if asked, and he unsurprisingly answered yes. As expected it didn’t go down well with a section of our support who still hold a grudge against Neil for his ill fated last spell in charge during that disastrous Covid season.

Speaking to BBC Scotland, Lenny had this to say when asked about a possible Celtic return one day: “Maybe, but you don’t know if people would want you back, that’s the thing. I’m ploughing my own furrow now. I had 14 years at Celtic, 10 titles out of 14. It wasn’t bad. I lost three on the last day of the season as a player and a manager. The one I lost heavily was Covid.

“My annoyance was could people not really see that? That it wasn’t all down to coaching, it wasn’t all down to team tactics or selection. It was down to a million other things that were going on that caused it, it wasn’t just football reasons.

Yes, Neil was a big part in our failings that campaign, despite what he might claim. He perhaps hung around too long when he should have walked, but quitting is not in his nature and he stayed on which was the wrong option, but that’s all ancient history now. It’s in the past and let it stay there.

Neil Lennon the manager of Celtic with Peter Lawwell, Chief Executive of Celtic brfore the Scottish Cup semi-final between Aberdeen and Celtic at Hampden Park on April 14, 2019. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Neil is and always will be a true Celtic man. He was a success as a player and a manager. He’s supported the club all his life, so of course he would come back to the club if asked. But those who still harbour a grudge needn’t worry as he won’t be back anytime soon, especially in the dug out, not as manager anyway. They also need to get over what happened that season, the old adage of ‘you can’t win them all’ applies to Celtic.

It’s not beyond possibility that he could work at the club at some capacity in the future. Whether that be a scouting role, an ambassador role, or maybe even coaching role, but definitely not the main man in the dugout. So rest easy, Lenny won’t be back anytime soon as Celtic manager.

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  1. For me Lenny is a Celtic man and always will be .
    Everyone makes mistakes in life and IMO he stayed on longer than he should have in the Covid season but that’s life .
    I wish him nothing but luck for the future .

  2. He didnt walk during ‘Covid’ season as he’d lose his big payout. Its embarrassing he’s making out Covid and a ‘million other reasons’ caused a trophyless season. He signed Barkas, Laxalt, Kenny, Duffy, Ajeti and other dross & he and John Kennedy didnt seem to be talking to each other on the sidelines & Lennons interviews were bizarre!