Neil Lennon reaction: These Celtic fans are “terrified” of the club making the same mistake with John Kennedy

We see it in almost every situation where a club will experience the “new manager bounce” once an unpopular boss moves on, so you really cannot judge them on the first few games.

It also makes the idea of an interim boss very dangerous as there’s little pressure and results inevitably pick up, so it leaves the club in a situation where they feel they have to be given the job full time.

History is full of examples of interim managers who were given the job after a positive run to begin with, but it’s never a long-term solution that works out well.

Neil Lennon is the perfect example as he was only ever supposed to be the short-term solution to Brendan Rodgers leaving, so it’s not a great surprise that he’s now expected to leave:

John Kennedy is set to get the job on an interim basis and you have to think that performances will pick up – but that could simply lead to another identical situation.

If the board felt he was the best man for the job then he would get the job on a permanent basis now, so there has to be a proper search for a new manager to come in this summer.

The fans have been reacting to the Neil Lennon news tonight, and the last thing they want to see is the club making the same mistake and somehow giving the job to John Kennedy like they did with Lenny:

Obviously there may be a conversation to be had at the end of the season if he wins every game 5-0 and the football is an utter joy to watch, but that does seem incredibly unlikely.

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