Neil Lennon trolls are mutating as they adapt to Celtic’s Chinese New Year Twitter post

Sometimes it doesn’t really matter if you agree with them or not, but you have to hand it to some of the people on Twitter just for the lengths they’ll go to in an attempt to keep their campaign up.

If you’ve clicked on any kind of tweet from Celtic in recent weeks you’re instantly met with a barrage of Neil Lennon out posts and pictures, but they were dealt a new challenge today when the club posted this:

It’s quite impressive to see that some of the players had learnt a little bit of Chinese so they could post a video with some messages of goodwill, but if you scroll down a bit you’ll see that it’s not just the players who have been educating themselves.

It’s more likely that it’s just been run through a google translate, but it’s still impressive to see that some have taken the effort to run a few variations of “Lennon out” in Chinese characters.

It still remains to be seen if the club will eventually make a change in the dugout, but it’s clear that plenty of fans will make extra efforts to voice their unhappiness at the performances this season.

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