New Celtic signing tipped for a loan move next season before he’s even arrived

There was something strange about Celtic moving for Liam Shaw before they appointed their new manager, so it simply has to be the case that they felt he was too good to miss out on.

His departure hasn’t gone down that well in Sheffield but there’s plenty of promise in his game, and it does make you wonder what next season will hold for him.

We already know that Broony will be moving on but it would be astonishing if Shaw came in and took his spot in the team, but it does mean there should be a chance for him to impress in pre-season.

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A report from Football Fan Cast has featured some comments from former Wednesday midfielder Carlton Palmer, and he’s tipped him for a loan move already although there could be some sour grapes in here about him leaving his former side:

Liam is going to struggle going to Celtic that age to play. He’ll probably end up going there and going out on loan, I’m assuming, I don’t know.”

If I was Liam, I’d be wanting to get out on loan somewhere where it’s guaranteed that he’s going to play because you can do that. I’ve done it before where I’ve taken a player when I was manager at Stockport and the manager’s come to me and said, ‘right, listen, I’ll let the player come, but he’s got to play.’ Bit like David Beckham when he went to Preston, that’s how they develop. They’ve got to play.”

Name dropping David Beckham in there is always an interesting one, but there also has to be a fear that if he goes straight back out on loan then he could be forgotten about as he’s not going to be around as the new manager formulates his plans.

Perhaps the best plan of action is for him to stick around and settle until January, hopefully he could play in the cup games and push for a spot before being revaluated in the winter window.

If he then needs to go out on loan then that’s fine, but you would at least like to see him stick around for pre-season to show what he can do.

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