New photos: The Celtic shop on Argyll Street vandalised

Celtic decided on Thursday that the Argyll Street club store would not open amidst safety concerns for the staff and fears of vandalism. The decision by the club to shut their store was vindicated when last night the city was flooded with Rangers supporters, with some hellbent on chaos and destruction.

Below are a few images depicting the vandalism of the club shop, with graffiti on the glass as well as stickers – not to mention the toilet spot that it became for some revellers. 

The club acted promptly to ensure the safety of all employees as well as supporters that may find themselves in the city centre to pick up an item from the club store. The scenes of devastation were a blight on Scotland after the heartwarming scenes on Kenmure St earlier in the week. In a statement to The Sun, a club spokesperson called what had happened ‘thuggery’ and that they would look to help prosecute those that were responsible.

“It is beyond belief that such disgusting vandalism and thuggery has been allowed to happen again. We hope police do all they can to identify those responsible.

“We are glad we took the decision to close the store and ensure the safety and protection of our staff.”

In all the celebrations after the Treble Treble win in 2019, there was no trouble as fans converged on the city centre ahead of the open top bus parade. Unfortunately, the Police cancelled this due to safety concerns. Similarly, when 9IAR was announced and when the Quadruple Treble was won, fans heeded the call from the club and did not celebrate due to COVID-19 restrictions. If only the same could be said for the other club.

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Born just as Celtic were stopping the Ten, Lubo98 follows Celtic home and away and helps run his local Celtic Supporters Club. He goes to all the games and is a Law Graduate. Has a particular fondness for Tom Rogic among the current Celts and both Lubo and Henrik form his earliest Celtic memories.


  1. The number 55 will forever be a mystery. This is a club, not yet thirteen years old, who, like it or not, have just won their first ever premier league title. No amount of dreaming or disillusionment can ever change this. Wanting something to be, doesn’t alter the facts. The 55 is a failed pipe dream connected to an extinct club from the past.
    Then again, this new club also wear five stars above the crest on their jerseys, and have never won five trophies, never mind five European glories!
    To add to this, the old club now extinct, were publicy proven to have cheated in their quest to emulate Celtic. It cost them their very existence! They were shamed worldwide.
    Only time will tell if this new club, playing on the ground of their fallen predessors, will survive to go for two titles in a row, or will they follow and copy the old club and die chasing lions?

  2. Joseph Stanton on

    I would parachute then all to an island and leave them to it! Fines etc, mean nothing to them! They are the scourge of decent society!

  3. These Thugs are on a par with the ,” NUTTERS”, who stormed the Capitol Building in the United States . These are the morons who voted for 31 UNIONIST (Scottish Conservative) MSPs into power in the recent elections on May 6th.
    Their , ” Head of State “, is WILLIAM of ORANGE and their agenda is hate . Hate mainly of Roman Catholics of Irish origin but many others come into their sphere contempt .They have no morality , as their behaviour has demonstrated on two recent occasions ; causing mayhem and shame to the decent people of Scotland . Nicola Sturgeon has condemned the behaviour of these thugs and so has many of her counterparts throughout the Scottish political spectrum .
    ” Words , however are cheap “, let’s see what happens in the way of retrospective arrests etc. ?????

  4. There would be no talk of 55 if Celtic had stood up and challenged the lies and cheating of the media, who at first reported the death of Rangers and then simply decided to ignore it, the SFA, the Five-way agreement and the rest of Scottish football. Celtic were cowardly and shrank away from their responsibilities to the club, its history and its supporters. Peter Lawwell talked of no club suffering as much as Celtic due to the demise of Rangers and it was clear how much he valued the blue pound. Celtic are run like a small time club. Sure, the talk of huge club is big but it really is a small club. The board do not want to spend money to compete in Europe, qualifying for the group stages a couple of times in 5 years is enough theerfore they need to flog season tickets and can only get rid of 50,000 of them if they can rely on the sectarianism and hatred of the Glasgow Derby. Lawwell is no fool the money made from being up against them offsets the absence of top European football. Big Pete and the Tories were worried about 10 in a row as much as the new Ranger. Would the ten have seen their support drop off, meaning a decline in their team resulting in the down sizing of Celtic.? In truth as they died Big Pete became the biggest advocate for the new club. Without the tacit support of Celtic new rangers would not have survived. I would not be surprised if there was not financial help given to them either. They were not called the Old Firm for over 100 years for nothing. Stopping at 9 means we are all even ready for another century of pointless parochial battles. As we get further and further away from the top table. This benefits them more than us. Big Pete became an Old Form Executive long before he failed at Celtic.