New plans mean Celtic could face one all-or-nothing fixture to land £30m+ windfall

We can probably all agree that it’s ridiculous for the Champions of Scotland to start Champions League qualification so early, plus being forced to travel all over Europe can take it’s toll early on.

Playing the tie over two legs does have the advantage of giving you a second chance if you make a monumental mess of the first game, so these new proposals could be interesting.

According to a report from Football Insider, UEFA are now considering replacing the current system with a one off game at a neutral venue.

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It’s not clear exactly how this will work, but the report seems to suggest that Celtic would only have to play the one tie to qualify, and winning that would ensure they get into the group stages.

They go on to point out that winning the tie would result in over £30m from revenue by reaching that stage, so it would put even more focus and pressure on the fixture.

From Celtic’s point of view it’s a tough one to work out, because it has it’s pros and cons.

We’ve seen many times that on their night Celtic can beat anyone so it could pay off and leave the players feeling much fresher for the start of the season.

On the flip side there’s been plenty of horror shows in Europe too, and there wouldn’t be any second chances this time.

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