“New trading name for #Rangers is The Rangers football club #newco,” Chris McLaughlin

The mainstream media’s selective memories from 2012…

The selective amnesia surrounding the demise of Rangers Football Club when it comes to the Scottish media is astounding. It’s as if they had the men in black style zapper flashed in their eyes and had the events of 2012 erased from their collective memory.

But as we all know it did happen, we lived through it after all and our friends in the media narrated us through every single minute of the glorious jelly and ice cream moment. We will never forget, nor will we let them.

Today on Twitter, BBC Scotland sports correspondent Chris McLaughlin, one of the worst when it comes to hanging out the backsides of theRangers, was reminded of that fateful period. One of his tweets from 2012 resurfaced as more than a few accounts retweeted his words from  14 June 2012, just days after the final nail was hammered into the coffin of Rangers FC after their proposed CVA was overwhelming rejected but their creditors including of course HMRC.  That meant that the only option left open to Administrators Duff & Phelps was liquidation.

Rangers FC was a limited company, as is shown on their gates. That limited company was liquidated in 2012.  Charles Green set up another limited company and that had a different name, The Rangers Football Club. Photo Robert Perry

Just a few weeks before their support staged a Give Liquidation the Red Card Day at Ibrox insisting that liquidation would mean an end of the club and a loss of its history. While there was plenty of package that would be worth shedding, they were desperate to hold onto their titles but knew that liquidation would mean losing everything and the best that they could hope for was to start again as a new club.

BBC Scotland sports correspondent Chris McLaughlin tweeted at the time “ New trading name for #Rangers is The Rangers football club #newco.”

Many more tweets such as this from many leading figures in the media are still floating around in cyberspace. They are there because it happened. It’s a fact. It happened. Rangers FC went into liquidation and is no more.

Founding Father Charles Green may have created a new football club which he called The Rangers football club, just as Chris said back in 2012, and to be fair to The Celtic Star we have always called them theRangers.

We know it, and they know it. It’s just a shame they have to pretend that it didn’t happen just so they can enjoy special privileges. Just as well we will always be on hand to remind them and this article from The Celtic Star is always worth sharing because it’s all in their own words.

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Yes you did!

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  1. Well said it should also be noted that all the pundits who are never off the TV and radio , are Cheats who knowingly broke the rules with thier EBT and side letters , Cheats who stole from the taxman and are now being paid by the tax funded BBC , they should be reminded daily of thier history and shame .

  2. There is nothing wrong with ETB’s, it’s simply the way Rangers and Murray dealt with them. They got less than they deserved, a mere £160,000 fine. That was the sole “punishment” they actually received, the rest (liquidation, having to start again in the lowest tier, banned from Europe etc) were simply consequences of their actions.

  3. EBT’s were many of the tax dodges used by the rich and to be honest the raising of the issue of EBT’s was/is a bit of a red Herring. The real issue of EBT’s at Ibrox was the use of them as part of the money paid to players and the resulting “side letters” which meant players had two contracts but only one declared to the SFA, that was a breach of rules and should have resulted in a 3 0 loss everytime these players played