Next three games could make or break Celtic’s season

The next three games could make or break our season…

With all the doom and gloom hovering over the club at the minute, it can’t be easily forgotten that we have three very important games coming up. Three very tough games and all of them away from home and we have to get ourselves ready – especially those with tickets for these games – to give the team the backing they need and expect.

The first of these games starts on Saturday lunchtime as we head up to Pittodrie to take on Aberdeen. Barry Robson’s side are a mixed bag at the moment, but it will be a tough game, we can be assured of that. However we have a good record against the Dons particularly at Pittodrie so we can head there with plenty of confidence.

The same can’t be said of our next stop which is Easter Road next Wednesday night. It’s  a ground that Brendan Rodgers has failed to win at in his two spells at the club. We of course were held to a goalless draw in our last trip to face Hibs in the capital, so we know it’s going to be a difficult task. Yet theRangers won there comfortably enough last Wednesday night so there should be nothing to fear of the finest team in Scotland.

After that it’s another trip to Paisley – for the second time in 2024 – to face St Mirren in the Fifth round of the Scottish Cup. We comprehensively beat the buddies at the start of January in their home turf, but this one being a cup tie won’t be as easy. Again theRangers won there at the weekend but that was a league match and St Mirren will see this match against Celtic in the Scottish Cup as their glory moment of the season if they can claim our scalp.

After a shock away defend in the early part of the season to Kilmarnock in the League Cup, Brendan Rodgers will want to make sure that lightning doesn’t strike twice this season and he will be desperate to get back to Hampden and once again get his hands on the Scottish Cup.

We need to win all three games, it’s a must. Anything less is unthinkable. We are currently five points ahead of theRangers having played a game more. We still have an advantage but it’s slender and wins at Pittodrie and Easter Road will deflate their dreams of Celtic slipping.  The Scottish Cup is our chance to play at Hampden this season and there’s no better way to end the season than being Champions then going on to win the Scottish Cup.

Dropping points in the title race can’t be allowed to happen, and exiting the Scottish cup is also out of the question. Time for Brendan and the players to really earn their wages and in doing so create real momentum for the business end of the season.

Come kick-off time at Pittodrie it’s time for our away support to do what they do best.


Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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  1. Just an ordinary bhoy you started off well then you went into pundit mode I’m like you Celtic is a big part of my life on match day from waking up match full focus sat game something not going our way maybe scored to quick tempo dropped tempo is important it opposition tire chasing ball Ross county players some nice football but our pressing is not full on by all our players allowing space for pass if you allow that leaves us short at back maeda big miss Johnston not comfortable without him palma has do get crosses in early bernardo didn’t have the best of games the penalty misses made support edgy pitch is poor but there things that the pitch can’t be blamed Hart miss punching allowing header off bar rosscounty had chances but from set pieces had more corners than Celtic first half so shows how much they got down the side of us I would have brought on young dane before turnbull we need to tackle harder in midfield the missed penalty gave Ross county a lift and upset support which unsettled players need to get kyoko into game that’s should be our plan I was happy with three points now got two away games away support give a great support right to the end Celtic supporter let me say some booing at the end with players earning three points is unforgiveable listening and listening to scottish media maybe they are spoilt qatch stmirren game on sportsscene why no pressure on clement st mirren missed half a dozen good chances some of sitters we don’t need to buy to appease we see what happens we have bought players and now cause we panic buy are taking up places new or you players could be there on good wages and I don’t blame them I blame panic buys so I wouldn’t be to upset if we waited till summer we have put our top players on longer contracts the core of the team we have the best Squad in spl by far it just injuries no one can forecast that yes it happen but you can’t spend big on what might happen left backs been a problem for years just can’t get another player we can trust angry by some supporters and pundits we are in spl out of Europe our wingers are fouled but not protected kyoko had a terrible tackle from the back foul but no booking ref was poor like most seem to think lower teams in league should be let of cause there a smaller club but we are in same league but booing our players after win disgraceful should be a shamed of yourself letting scottish media turn you against our players and manager I always said and my father before me best support in world but yesterday not all but enough to be heard I hope you know what generates from the stands effects some players scored that penalty we would have won by 4 yes we all get upset by that especially twice but there human like us

  2. Cheer the team at all times, do not get negative with the players, celltic Park is far to quiet nowadays.

    Ou problems stem from Rodgers slow passing style, ball goes everywhere but to kyogo.
    Henrik couldn’t score with the current style imposed by dreary Rodgers.
    The only other problems are the board, Lawells & Nicholson in particular, why do we sign projects when we have a B team out there.
    The team have the ability, they need the playing style changed.
    I hated this same one tactic from Rodgers first time round.
    Now he’s back so is boring negative possession play.
    I said in another post that Kyogo would get more passes if he played in goal.
    That’s why we play so bad.