Nicolas Kuhn is struggling at Celtic but it’s too early to write him off

Kuhn isn’t performing, but isn’t it too early to write him off? I certainly think so…

Celtic captain Callum McGregor and his team mates look dejected at full-time. Final score Celtic 1 Kilmarnock 1. 17 February 2024. Photo Stuart Wallace/Shutterstock

Nicolas Kuhn has barely been at the club one month, but already he’s been written off by a big majority of our supporters. I’m must confess that he doesn’t exactly fill me with a great deal of confidence, but are we all perhaps not being a little harsh in calling his ability into question this early in his Celtic career?

He has only after all just arrived in Scottish football and is just settling into the squad. He’s had one full start and a handful of appearances from the bench, is that enough to write someone completely off? He does look a little lost on the park, but you could say that about the overwhelming majority of our players at this moment, as the team struggle for fluency, form and suffer from low confidence.

Kuhn’s game is apparently all about taking on players, he’s apparently a very skilful player, but hasn’t really shown any of those attributes yet in a Celtic shirt. Could that just be down to Brendan Rodgers’ stifling tactics because we don’t seem to have any wingers showing any form at all this season.

In much the same way Kyogo has looked off the pace this campaign, that’s all down to the manager not playing to the players strengths. And this is also one of the main reasons why Kyogo’s goal-tally is so disappointingly low at this stage of the season. The other main factor is the absence of Reo Hatate because the two players who delivered the most assists for Kyogo last season were Jota and Hatate.

Or Could Kuhn just be needing a bit of time to adapt? Whatever the reason, it is a bit harsh to be writing him off this early into his Celtic career, but equally as important, it’s too early to be relying on him to suddenly find his feet and his form in a Celtic shirt during this business end of the season when every game must now be won.

Tried and tested for the present and let those player developing settle in before being thrown back into the Scottish Premiership deep-end.

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  1. Taken at face value it appears to be poor scouting. In the markets we shop in and the money we spent he should have been first team ready. Of course, the other issue is why our head coach is not able to get a tune out of him.

    It’s early doors but it’s not looking good.

  2. Sense of deja’vu signing a 3million pound dud from rapid vienna. M’bombscare was the first and this boy is no different. He wouldn’t get in the sevco starting 11 and they are mince.

    • No amount of money.
      No amount of quality.
      No player can play under Rodgers style.
      I’ve been ranting to get shot of Rodgers since early November.
      The longer we wait the more points we lose.
      However it seems that he will be allowed to continue destroying what Ange built.
      Continuing with Rodgers will put us in a position where we will be fighting for lower places next season.
      He has to go, the tea lady can pick the team, players can deploy tactics that suit them.