No more Mr Nice Guy – Old hairdryer treatment is worth a try, Brendan

We are now in second place, and as the saying goes, the league table never lies…

Celtic Manager Brendan Rodgers. Final score Celtic 1 Kilmarnock 1. Celtic v Kilmarnock, Cinch Scottish Premiership,Celtic Park, 17 February 2024 Photo Stuart Wallace Shutterstock

So theRangers as expected replaced us at the top of the league standings after a 3-0 win at St Johnstone this afternoon. It’s a sore one for sure, but we just have to take our medicine and admit they deserve to be there, just as much as we deserve to be second. We have been the architects of our own downfall. As I’ve said, the league table as never ever lies, as Brendan Rodgers pointed out himself only last week.

Yes it’s only a two point gap, but do you have the confidence we can overhaul such a small lead? Nope me neither, not as things stand so I say that with good reason. It’s up to the staff and players at Lennoxtown to prove me and many other Celtic supporters wrong and we’ll all be thrilled if they can do just that.

Celtic captain Callum McGregor and his team mates look dejected at full-time. Final score Celtic 1 Kilmarnock 1. 17 February 2024. Photo Stuart Wallace/Shutterstock

This time next week we could be looking at a five point gap before we even play, in fact it’s nailed on to be as Hearts visit Ibrox and we all know how they ‘crumble’ when they face the men in blue. Their record against theRangers is dreadful despite their decent form this season, they simply never take anything from theRangers.

After they play, 24 hours later we will be faced with the prospect of facing Motherwell at Fir Park, and the way the team is playing I don’t have much hope we can get the required result. But in a strange sort of way, it’s good that this is an away fixture and the away support can do their job for the team, so long as things change at Lennoxtown this week.

Celtic v Kilmarnock Brendan Rodgers and Derek McInnes shake hands after the cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park, on Saturday February 17, 2024. Photo Andrew Milligan

It’s plain to see that currently our players lack the enthusiasm and hunger for a title fight, can that change? You can only hope, but sadly it looks unlikely at the moment. Unless something drastic changes at Lennoxtown this week. Not just the usual, analyse of the game and move on stuff we always hear about.

Maybe the old hairdryer treatment is worth a try, Brendan?

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  1. Dearie me, your not expecting to much really?
    Three quarters of the season gone now, well over 30 players been looked at within a squad, and still waiting for a decent 11 to be able to produce on a regular basis still?
    Even waiting for 1 player to actually excel under Rodgers, thought it was going to be Oreily and scales, but that’s fading with every passing match now.
    A manager without a plan only begs the question of whether Rodgers actually had a plan or vision for this team in the first place?
    A certain gentleman was able to work wonders with a couple of loaves of bread and a few fish?
    Even his auld fella was able to create the world in 6 days and able to put his feet up on the 7th?
    Yet even that father and son combination couldn’t fix the shitshow that Rodgers has helped create, before next weekend imo?

  2. I don’t believe the Huns deserve anything , as usual they have benefitted from favourably decisions both on and off the park , just because we have been mince doesn’t make them worthy champions , bigotry cheating and lying that’s what their champions of , Hail hail .

  3. The board are failing.
    Rodgers is failing.
    The team has flopped under boring negative pass backs.
    Rodgers has no guts, he can’t do the hair dryer treatment, hw can’t do tactics other than what I’ve mentioned.
    From his 1st stint I didn’t like the style, that was when there was no competition.
    This is even worse as teams know how to play against Rodgers garbage system.
    I say garbage as it belongs in the bin.
    Rodgers man management is amongst the lowest calibre available, he is completely gutless.
    He will be held onto far to long, same as Lennon was, you know the history there.
    No amount of money or quality player can make a difference to the team, Rodgers system would prevent a young Messi from making an impact.
    Rodgers must go NOW