No regrets, but Lenny is here for ten in a row and the rest

If someone told you this time last year that Neil Lennon would currently be back in charge of Celtic you wouldn’t believe them. It would be even more stunning if you were also told that most fans would also be happy about it.

A look back would show Brendan Rodgers still leading the charge in the Celtic dugout while Lenny was currently in charge of an imploding Hibs team. Sometimes a manager just suits a certain club.

His appointment was initially met with skepticism, it looked like the cheap option and possibly a step back.

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Obviously that’s not been the case following home and away wins over Lazio, European football after Christmas and Celtic are perfectly placed to sweep every domestic trophy yet again.

It would be a surprise if we learned otherwise, but a report from The Sun has indicated that Lenny is absolutely in this for the long haul. He was talking about leaving the club the first time round and how he feels about being back in charge.

Here’s the best of his comments:

“I had my reasons for leaving at that time. I don’t regret it because it was the right thing for me to do at the time.”

“The Lazio win was the perfect storm for a European game at Celtic Park. The game matched the atmosphere, the occasion, the performance and the result. It makes me never want to leave again.”

“But I’m older and wiser now. I’ve got a second crack and I’m really grateful for the opportunity. I inherited a really good squad and we’ve brought in quality players, so I’m really loving what I’m doing here at the minute.”

He also indicated that part of the reason he left the first time was the lack of any challenge domestically coupled with a feeling he couldn’t beat the European exploits, but he’s now motivated to see off the challenge from the Rangers and seems settled in the job again.

As much as he said otherwise, it’s become abundantly clear that Brendan Rodgers only took the Celtic job to further his own career and put himself in the frame for a Premier League job again.

It certainly sounds like Lenny is back in it for the long haul. As long as everything goes well, ten in a row could be followed by a few more.



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