No subsidence at Parkhead – Quality over quantity for Celtic

No Subsidence At Parkhead-Quality Over Quantity For Celtic this Summer…

As theRangers’ Gumtree executives continue to plunge headlong into the transfer market with a succession of relative unknowns and hopefuls, the Celtic money men by comparison wisely continue to monitor and negotiate their way through a strategic minefield.

With the Euros in full flight, there are several players who have caught the eye, and I’m sure Celtic will be sifting through the chaff to unearth gold nuggets who may find their way into the Champions League via Parkhead.

Adam Idah and Paulo Bernardo are in the negotiation stages in light of a return to Paradise, and we all wish for a positive outcome there. For over a month now there has been rumour after rumour about goalkeepers, midfielders and strikers, however, nothing has been set in concrete, as yet.

For those of you who are kicking over tables in regard to the apparent lack of ink on contracts, chill! The money is there and in abundance, but, should we go down the route of the EBT specialists and simply chuck our shekels at the first club to put their hand up?

That would be unwise in the extreme and Celtic has every right to get the best deals for the best players, at the right price. Frankly, I’m delighted that OUR cash is being handled with care and I’m confident that the Livakovics, Kvistgaardens and the Dahbos, constants on our radar according to eminent journos, will find their way to our shores, IF the price is right.

If not, there are others who will jump at the chance to face Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Bayer Leverkusen, Arsenal and the likes in the greatest club competition on the planet next season. I’m happy to negotiate whilst others speculate with panic buys – historically, we all know how that ends up! Put the jelly and ice cream down for now!

How the stadium debacle over at the Crumbledome, home of our dear friends will end up is anyone’s guess. The initial reports about an Asian contract gone awry now appears to be the tip of the iceberg, and should ex-Aberdeen, Aston Villa and Everton CEO, Keith Wyness have his speculative ducks in a row, this iceberg could sink Ibrox with no lifeboat big enough to bring the drowning crew safely home.

Subsidence, asbestos, lack of vision and attention to the most important aspect of the club, i.e. health and safety; it could feasibly add up to disaster SHOULD the reports bear fruit.

I cannot see Wyness put his credentials on the line for the sake of it. People of his ilk usually have inside info on matters such as these otherwise they open themselves up to more than ridicule. Isn’t it ironic that the businessman’s old ground, Goodison Park, has the same architect as Ibrox, Archibald Leitch.

Everton will play their last ever match at Goodison this season before relocating to their shiny new stadium. They have the luxury of a bank account and credit score to see them through this transition.

Conversely, theRangers’ transition will not so assured. IF they hit the jackpot with merely a steel hold-up to negotiate, they could possibly play ‘mine host’ at ‘home’ by September.

IF there is an abundance of asbestos, a Christmas return could be the surprise package in Santa’s blue sack.

IF subsidence is a genuine threat, the possibilities are endless with this clear and present danger, meaning a new Asda could appear in Govan whilst theRangers beg, steal and borrow funds to build a new ground.

However, who will be brave enough to lend them this astronomical amount when they can barely buy a player without loans or yearly instalments?

New club, new ground? Is it any wonder James Bisgrove jumped on the Shipyard Express and headed for Saudi immediately after Adam Idah brought the Double home to Paradise?

Season 2024/25 may well prove to be monumental in more ways than one. Four-In-A-Row and the possibility of a new Title contender, Third Rangers Football Club? Enjoy the ride. I am.

In Celtic, Eddie Murray

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  1. Don’t expect our daily papers to doom and gloom at ibrox any other stadium they would be all over board members terrible running of a club from 2012 sevco has been badly manages which drives the club into a perfect storm things were ignored or put on back burner to spend money on players there league win on no supporters at the match which turned it into non event but still down in history as a league win went well beyond there means money was not spent on stadium repairs mounted up and now is maybe to late to fix we all know big construction near the Clyde structure foundation are causing stress like Kingston bridge sinking I’d say ibrox is having same problem and might be condemned years to come or sooner

  2. Of course it calls upon extra patience required when international tournament football is on during a summer?
    For example there is no way Norwich are going to let Adam idah leave, all the while josh Sargent is involved with the USA in the copa America?
    Plenty of potential deals could be in a similar position, as in general the transfer window has been slow all round, such is the impact these tournaments can have upon clubs?
    Also financial figures take preference also with the end of year accounts,for clubs been prepared currently and becoming a bigger factor within todays game?
    Could operate similar to the scum, by continuing to run up losses by buying players from lowball markets, along with the delays and costs of trying to upgrade a shithole?
    But we have a duty to show a profit to shareholders, weather we like that proposition or not, with in the business world?
    So major factors involved in slowing the whole process down this summer, but still say a few deals may well be confirmed in principle already, but the timing is not right just yet to be made as confirmed just yet imo?
    We already have way to many players in stock piling, that won’t be within the plans of Rodgers next season.
    The transition from Ange to Rodgers has involved far more movement in players that was first anticipated, especially with the amount of Ange squad players that Rodgers is already discarding?
    Yet we remain in a position where it’s far easier to identify the positions now, where the squad requires the strengthening?
    Admittedly there is still some amount of work required, especially with our support becoming more nervous, all the while crucial positions remain without movement in getting filled?
    Agents within the game, have always been a nuisance with there approach and playing games with clubs in finalising such deals also, wouldn’t have the patience with trying to deal with the likes myself for sure?
    Wouldn’t say that any player we have an interest in, especially within the price bracket we operated, are the only club interested in requiring there services either?
    So no matter how an attractive proposition we can offer as a career opportunity for them, we still have massive stumbling blocks to overcome also, to attract them to Scottish football also?
    We possibly won’t attract every choice of player we have identified, usually why there are numerous names mentioned for positions available within our squad, as we aren’t in a position to be held to ransom over such deals either, and nor should we either imo?
    Would say that a time limit may be in place upon certain players identified, and if not met, then we have to move on to the next target?
    But such time limits can’t be applied, if potential targets are involved in international tournament football, and that is the quality of player we should be looking to attract now, especially with the amount of development players we already have within our squad?
    There is always going to be room for development players within our squad, but that quota is near enough already been met, even if not confirmed with the delays upon the Kelly and vata potential deals, that are currently going on for way too long for my liking at present imo?
    So yes we are walking a minefield at present within the transfer market, and patience remains key for ourselves imo?
    But should this current situation start to blow up shortly upon us, then panic signings could become a feature for ourselves yet again?
    The perfect situation for ourselves, is going to be getting a few extra players on the plane for the USA pre season tour, still remain confident that it will be achieved, regardless of the starting to get a little nervous regarding the current situation we still find ourselves in imo?