Noisy neighbours madcap theory after Celtic go down to nine men in Rotterdam

You couldn’t mark their necks with a blowtorch…

Celtic of course finished last night’s game in Rotterdam with nine men, which in turn led to theRangers supporters commenting on our domestic disciplinary record.

Judging from social media, the deluded bears all seem to be in agreement that we get an easy ride from Scottish officials compared to their European counterparts. Yes no laughing at the back please.

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ROTTERDAM – Gustaf Lagerbielke of Celtic FC during the UEFA Champions League match between Feyenoord and Celtic FC at Feyenoord Stadion de Kuip on September 19, 2023 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Photo ANP JEROEN PUTMANS

You couldn’t mark their neck with a blowtorch could you? Yes, a side who have received 10 penalties in league football the past year and haven’t conceded any, in 60 odd games I may add are comparing the leniency of Scottish officials to those on the continent?

Compare that to the Ibrox clubs record on the European front this past year and it tells you a different story. They were awarded a total of two and conceded four. That’s just in the last year also, if you delved back into the last few years it would make for interesting reading.

ROTTERDAM, 19Ã09-2023, Stadium Feijenoord / De Kuip , Champions League , season 2023 / 2024, Feyenoord – Celtic , result 2-0 , Celtic player Gustaf Lagerbielke slaps Feyenoord player Igor Paixao in the face and gets send off with red card and causes a penalty

When it comes to disciplinary matters the Ibrox club more than ride their luck more at home than they do in Europe. It’s a fact. That makes the claims from the Bears even more ludicrous, but we wouldn’t expect anything less would we?

ROTTERDAM, 19Ã09-2023, Stadium Feijenoord / De Kuip , Champions League , season 2023 / 2024, Feyenoord – Celtic , Celtic player Odin Thiago Holm

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  1. You could see both players getting sent off but their young and have to learn they let themselves their team mates manager who will have secod thoughts of trusting yhem in the heat of a game they know players have know shame the player that was un pain and choking recovered quickly and missed the penalty justice but still got a fellow pro sent off he got whip off cause manager knew the ref knew he was conned by his antics he was sitting on the bench having nightmares about the penalty u hope when they come to Celtic park that miss or save has serious consiquests