“Nothing Close At The Moment,” Says McAvennie On Celtic’s Managerial Pursuit

Celtic fans are becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of a managerial appointment in Paradise. However, their wait looks set to continue, at least if Frank McAvennie’s comments are to be believed.

McAvennie wrote in his regular column for Football insider: “The more we go on, the more people are getting annoyed, it’s too long to appoint a manager. I’m not happy with it but that’s Celtic, we shouldn’t expect anything else from them.

“It’s same old Celtic. I just hope there will be something coming out that I don’t know about but, from what I’m told, there’s nothing close at the moment.”

McAvennie has made various claims about the goings on at the club in recent months, but hasn’t named a source. Nevertheless, he was a great Celtic player and so it is not beyond the realms of possibility that he would know someone that is privy to information at Parkhead.

Eddie Howe was the number one candidate, who was widely reported to be in advance talks with the club before something held up that process when a deal was agreed in principle. Since then, we’ve had much speculation as to the stumbling blocks, whilst Roy Keane’s name has re-emerged alongside Lucien Favre and bizarrely, Jose Mourinho.

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  1. If Howe is stalling or if we have no plan B, I thought we still had an accountant at the helm for a bit longer? Surely they’d look at the increased Champions League cash on offer next season if the title is won, thereby making preparation for winning the title the NO.1 priority! Meaning if Howe wants us to wait until late May to see if he sticks or twists, that is too long. So either he commits now or we leave him to whatever mid-table job awaits. And if he says yes but thinks it’s fine to not look at things till June, has no-one told him when the Ch League qualifiers start? If it’s plan B, then at this point, I’d say Keane would be fine if he had good coaches, Duff etc. They do the tactics, he does the team talks. I’d said a while ago that I expected it to be wrapped up by early April at the latest. Now I’m thinking end of the month. But that’s this week. And where is the DoF? If we have kept Harkin dangling, if I was him I’d be telling us to stuff the job. Or if he’s in, then get him here now. These are questions I hope McKay is asking of the current regime, demanding answers and working to sort this massive delay out asap