Nothing to worry about over Wolves decision to cancel their Korean trip

News broke this morning that Wolves have cancelled their friendly matches with Celtic and Roma in South Korea, with the games scheduled to be have been played at the end of next month.

Predictably the Scottish media have whipped up a frenzy and even published a story with the headline ‘Celtic’s Asian tour threw into chaos’ really? One game being cancelled equals chaos? It’s not that quite catastrophic, it’s just more of the usual anti-Celtic agenda to promote.

Just like rumours that the tour was off due to Ange’s departure, this latest so called spanner in the works is pure fabrication. Nothing more. It doesn’t help when ‘prominent’ Celtic supporter sites take the bait and start panicking, thus in turn helping spread the agenda of the toxic media. Calm doon lads.

We have two games to play in Japan, and I’m sure we will find a side to take the place of Wolves in South Korea. If not, Japan is still calling. Nothing to worry about, the club will still be travelling to the land of the Rising Sun and make some money while highlighting our brand.

Something that sticks in the throats of more than a few.

Celtic’s response to all of this was as follows: “We are aware of the statement from Wolves this morning in respect of our planned match in Korea next month. We are liaising with match organisers and will update our supporters as soon as possible.”

Glasgow, Scotland, 27th May 2023. Oh Hyeon-Gyu of Celtic during the Scottish Premiership match at Celtic Park, . Photo Neil Hanna / Sportimage

It’s interesting to note that Celtic appear NOT to have an issue with the Korea tour promoters so an alternative solution could be found, including playing a top team from the country we are visiting as is happening in Japan.

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Roma who were also scheduled to play Wolves pulled out of the door this morning on hearing the news from Wolves. The fact that Celtic have not immediately followed suit suggests that there may well be a third match of the Asian tour after all.

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