Officials to blame but Celtic’s own failings can’t be ignored

Officials must be questioned, but so should our performance…

Yesterday’s game was always going to be tough and so it proved as we lost out to Hearts at Tynecastle.

With the chance to go top of the table after theRangers shock defeat on Saturday it seemed a step too far for our players who didn’t look up for the challenge.

A part of that was down to ‘incompetent’ officiating that has to be said. Yang’s red card changed the game, that is not in doubt. It was a dubious one to say the least, but you can also see why it was given when John Beaton was involved.

The decision that was most controversial though was the decision to award a penalty to Hearts. It was a disgrace, there is no other word for it. It was never a penalty in a million years and yet between theRangers supporting John Beaton and Don Robertson they somehow decided it was, and in doing so went against the rules of the game.

Brendan Rodgers was right to call the officials out on it, as it was clearly the wrong decision. A decision that gave us a mountain to climb in terms of salvaging anything from the game.

But we also have to look at our own failings. We too had an opportunity to score from the spot and yet again failed to take advantage. Adam Idah had previously looked so assured from the spot, but he failed miserably with a chance to give us the lead. it was yet again a terrible effort from a Celtic player from the spot.

It could have been so much different had we taken the lead yesterday, but I guess we’ll never know. Even at one down and with ten men we were still in the game, but didn’t show enough fight to get back into the game. But we were never going to be allowed to win this one, not with a Rangers supporter influencing the outcome via his VAR computer screen.

Yes ‘incompetent’ officials shafted us with Beaton bad turns keeping his heroes top, but we also must look at our own mistakes.

Why are Celtic players so unreliable at penalty kicks? Shouldn’t these things be practiced in advance? If they are why is there no improvement? Little things like these can win titles.

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  1. Yes, blame the officials. Poor decisions certainly, but again poor performance led to poor result. BR trying to deflect critisism of players by blaming officials. When will BR take responsibility, he sees the players in training, selects the team, chooses the formation.

  2. Anthony Mcquade on

    We have been garbage ,except against Dundee ,since December.
    In order to win a game , never mind a league , you need 11 players ,at the very least, committed to trying their best .
    This is not the case at the moment .
    The building appears toxic , the vibe appears toxic and if results and performances don’t improve then ALL fans reaction will be toxic .
    We know you can’t win every game ,we know that you can’t play your best every game .
    But what we as CELTIC F.C fans expect and deserve is 100 % effort from everyone 100% of the time .

  3. RPM Celticfan on

    Completely disagree with the idea that we “didn’t show enough fight to get back into the game” i was proud of the players efforts against the 3rd best team in the league no one head went down and they worked hard and forced their keeper into making a some good saves , your right about the penalty though , IMO a professional player should burst the net 99 times out a 100 , they seem to concerned in trying to look cool IMO , Hail hail