Oh, Bitter, Bitter Del – Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

Like the not long bulleted Hearts manager Robbie Neilson, Derek McInnes can barely bring himself to praise Celtic even after a game in which his side has been totally outclassed.

So it came as no surprise that after Sunday’s thumping defeat by the Champions, a game in which his Kilmarnock only side only lost four goals because Celtic treated the second half like an open training session, Del still couldn’t bring himself to praise this Celtic side.

We know if it was theRangers he would be purring about their prowess and telling all how his team couldn’t live with such a good side. But Celtic? No, his side made it easy and gifted them the game, blah blah.

You’d think Del would be well versed to being outclassed by Celtic as he’s experienced it plenty of times in his managerial career. No it’s still painful for him when he’s beaten by the Hoops. It eats away at him.

When interviewed post match on Sunday the pain was clear for all to see in his face. His side were taught a footballing lesson, but instead of praising the opposition he choose to dwell on his own sides faults and even questioned the referee and Var for not reducing Celtic to ten men!

Yes he had the nerve to call out a decision which was totally correct to try and deflect from the hoops thumping victory. His time at Ibrox has taught him well.

The decision in question was the ‘high boot’ by Oh. It was arguably a booking never mind a red. Del says his player received a boot in the head! Aye right Del off to Specsavers you go. He also said it should have been a red because he had a player sent off against Hibs for a similar offence. Two wrongs don’t make a right, Derek. Dermot Gallagher on Sky Sports yesterday explained the rules of the game to the Kilmarnock manager.

And Sky co-commentator Andy Walker, speaking on the Go Radio Football Show, had this to say about the high boot talking point: “The Vassell one at Easter Road was not a red card, it was a ridiculous decision, and you should stick with that as it would have been ridiculous had you sent Oh off.

“There was not aggressive motion, no violent conduct, there was actually no connection. A yellow card was sufficient. What we are in danger of now is looking at still images and thinking ‘right, that must be a red.'”

In appears that McInnes will see and say anything rather than praise Celtic, like plenty of others in Scottish football. Their pain is wonderful.

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  1. Loving the pain all teams go through when meeting a team like celtic this is only the start young team highly motivated for success