VIDEO EXCLUSIVE! Same old Real Rangers Men. Always leaving

Today’s announcement the two Rangers Directors, Paul Murray and Barry Scott, have resigned from the Board at Ibrox will be no shock to those who have been paying attention.

The transient nature of Directorships at Ibrox has never failed to amuse the onlooker.

We’ve seen everyone from the asinine John Gilligan to the risible 24 hour wonder that was Chris Graham.


…the rot set in well before either of these characters was a gleam in the ghost of Bill Struth’s eye.

Can there be anyone left out there that doesn’t know the identity of the real instigator of all the glorious chaos? No! Not Mr. Green! Further back. Much further back!

For the uninitiated, here is a short, introductory, un-redacted, history lesson to whet your appetite for the main event…



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