What ‘we are one club since 1888’ means to me


Celtic Football Club has for 130 years been dominant to the lives of many. Last week we’ve seen that with our club showing a superb video and banners around Paradise showing the ONE CLUB SINCE 1888 logo. The video shows Celtic legends through to potential Celtic legends with so much more in between. It can be viewed below.

We are far more than just a football club but our own entity that exists separate from the rest. A club that welcomes all. A club that helps all. A club that gives back. A club that we all know runs through our blood. It’s the rush we get from the highs and the comradery we share in the lows. You can go nowhere in the world with a Celtic top without someone shouting HAIL HAIL or MON THE HOOPS or even just the occasional nod from someone that lets you know they’re a Bhoy or Ghirl. Our passion is second to none and that’s why we’re adored by many and bitterly hated by a relative few. We stand for something and unfortunately, we often stand alone.

This is what has helped us to grow to the most successful team in Scotland still in existence. Some sections of the Celtic support are indeed obsessed with events across the way in Govan and some sites seem to report on The Rangers more than Celtic now days. I agree some events are relevant to us but we are ONE CLUB SINCE 1888. The idea that the ‘o** f***’ is relevant anymore is bizarre. It died in 2012 and had a boisterous, unique atmosphere and tradition around it however those who ran Rangers corruptly through Scottish Football had some of it catch up with them. I say again, we are ONE CLUB SINCE 1888.

The same club who demonises us in every way NEEDS us to assume it’s own relevance. We survived just fine on our own with the rest of Scotland and in fact have blossomed in the post-O** F*** era.

We are the record breaking Invincibles with the most goals, points, profits, individual player appearances etc, etc. Our team has been overhauled by Brendan Rodgers and turned into something with a real vision. The passion we have lacked since Lenny left has returned. If it wasn’t for Scott Brown’s passion we would have almost had none for a season or so. But now we have so much more than that and we must enjoy it while it lasts.

The sooner we move away the better. We need no one to help us dominate and survive. Anything can happen and the season isn’t over but hopefully we are going to see more records being broken in a time that we will all tell our grandchildren about.

Let some sections obsess but the more we give in and get sucked into the poisonous views towards the o** f***. We don’t need the hate, we don’t need the press, we don’t need the money and we don’t need the sectarian overtones that are so hard to distance ourselves from. People will always use out name to pass their hatred but the real support of this great club know that we are ONE CLUB SINCE 1888 that has existed for us and all because we weren’t welcome in many quarters.

Celtic is a way of live that many of us live and breathe every day and we will continue to exist regardless of the latest Govan circus.

This is not me urging my opinion down your throat but a plea to every one of us who love this club to put at the forefront of everything we are ONE CLUB SINCE 1888. We must distance ourselves from the sinking ship that will poison and consume us if we let it. We know the ‘real Rangers men’ stand everywhere throughout Scottish Football. We are ONE CLUB SINCE 1888 shown again by the SFA’s typical lack of action against Davies for his attack on our captain Scott Brown. There are too many examples to name but I have faith our Board, staff, players and supporters will fight these when necessary. We will stand up for those who need it through the Celtic Foundation, regardless of background and whatever differences people want to put on other humans such as religion, ability, ethnicity etc.

We are ONE CLUB SINCE 1888 and we stand together but we stand alone.

This is not a promo and I have zero connection to anyone who has ever written on these sites other than the Celtic connection. But The Celtic Star is doing great work to create something that informs us when necessary and reports on CELTIC. Don’t give into The Record clickbait, the Sky nonsense transfer rumours, the Celtic obsessed who seem to often speak about blogs for “The Rangers”. Ignore the nonsense but appreciate match day when we remind Zombies that they are not the same as what once may have walked around. Most importantly remember We are ONE CLUB SINCE 1888.

David Johnston

*THE CELTIC STAR says: We welcome contributions from Celtic supporters and we are happy to provide David with a platform to state his thoughts as outlined above. We set our own course on the site and try to provide the very best Celtic news and features every day. We will look at opponents as they come around but our own self confessed obsession is with Celtic. Other sites provide excellent content for those still interested in the soap opera across the city. Fair play to them for providing that content to their own audiences, it’s just not for us.

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