One hit wonder Steven Gerrard, Bottling up the truth at Anfield

Saturday’s legends charity match between Liverpool and Celtic was a fabulous occasion for both sets of supporters. Overall it was a great day out as stars from the past helped raise a lot of money for a host of great causes.

Of course not without a hint of controversy, if you’ve not seen or heard of the Steven Gerrard incident, you’ve not being paying much attention. Gerrard of course was the subject of a few objects thrown from the Celtic end after he celebrated putting the reds legends in front from the penalty spot.

 Gerrard scores his sides first goal from the penalty box during the Legends match between Liverpool and Celtic at Anfield on March 25, 2023 . (Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images)

It’s not nice to see and it gives our enemies more ammunition to have a pop at our supporters. As you know, it doesn’t take much. Yes it shouldn’t have happened, and yes Gerrard along with Charlie Adam were not shy in gesturing to our support a few times before the goal. But as much as Gerrard shouldn’t have celebrated in front of our support, our support in return should have known better than to take the bait and retaliate by throwing objects at him. They were goading him and he was giving it back, as much it was annoying, sometimes you just have to take your own medicine.

Charlie Adam of Liverpool is tackled by Stiliyan Petrov of Celtic during the Legends match between Liverpool and Celtic at Anfield on March 25, 2023. (Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images)

To be fair it was only a few supporters. Not to make excuses but with alcohol easily available in the stadium something like that happening was highly likely and not surprising. It wasn’t right but it was only a tiny minority involved. The overwhelming majority just laughed it off as they see Stevie G for what he is, and that is a joke figure. In the mind of Celtic supporters, that’s what he truly is.

Gerrard failed regularly against us, and his only honour was a league title which was won when we were in free fall and all in front of empty stadia, the covid champions. We know it and he knows it. The first sign of a challenge to his title and he was off when the first offer arrived from down south in the shape of Aston Villa. In his four years in Scotland, the darling of the Scottish media won less honours than St Johnstone’s Callum Davidson, despite having a considerably higher budget. That’s the god’s honest truth.

Stevie was tipped to go all the way to the top of the management game. Once upon a time he was hotly tipped to be the new Liverpool manager, now it’s looking extremely doubtful. He’s failed spectacularly and now his only chance of a return to his spiritual home is a day like on Saturday. Poor Stevie.

 Robbie Keane of Celtic battles with Dirk Kuyt of Liverpool during the Legends match between Liverpool and Celtic at Anfield on March 25, 2023. (Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images)

The reaction of the media and the Rangers supporters came of no surprise. It was lapped up, our supporters were tarnished and the Rangers supporter lapped up Gerrard’s celebrations like some sort of victory. It’s the only thing they’ve had to smile about so far this season and maybe the only thing they will, so it’s kind of understandable. Levels and that. Short memories too.

What is more annoying about this is the high and mighty reaction from the Rangers supporters. Glass houses and all that. Comments like our supporters are a disgrace, and imagine doing that at a charity match, really? At least we haven’t robbed any charity money. Short memories eh?

Not to mention events that have occurred these past few seasons, regarding the danger our players have had at the hands of the Ibrox supporters. Remember Joe Hart and the broken bottle at Ibrox? Our physio being scarred for life in the same game? Or a few years earlier when Scott Brown was confronted on the pitch by an angry bear? All conveniently but predictably brushed under the carpet. There’s many more examples to be had, but I’d be here all day writing about it.

Can you imagine the scenario if say Neil Lennon scored for a Leicester legends side against a Rangers select and did the same in front of a stand of disgruntled bears? they’d all be calm and composed right? I think we all know the answer to that one.

The behaviour by a minority of our supporters is one thing, but having to listen to the preaching of those who are much worse is another. They must bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the brutal truths about their own behaviour. Or more likely pretend it didn’t happen like they do with everything else.

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  1. Pity Celtic_fc_1888 some supporters took the bate but Gérard has let himself down goading the supporters uf it was not a friendly he’d have been booked for his stupidity

  2. Got to laugh at the scum media in scotland trying to bring our club down yet again because a few fans tossed paper cups at slippy steven g and yet oldco and newco fans smash up Manchester and George Square plus attack broonie at liebrox toss broking glass at joe harts box our coach was hit buy a bottle yet again at liebrox and guess what they have never been punished for there crimes only in masonic scotland can this happen and only ranjurs 1872 dead and sevco 2012 get away with these crimes they cheated in the spfl for years using ebt sideletters and yet again walk free kept there titles they won buy cheating yet hibs got tossed out the cup for fielding a player oldco done it for over 25 maybe 30 years fielding players and the corrupt sfa.spfl turned there masonic heads the other way thats what celtic are up against and its been going on for years im 60 and nothing has been done about it.scottish football is corrupt for one club only in the spfl cheats of masonic scotland sfa spfl sevco 2012.