One rule for Joe Hart and another for other keepers

John Beaton booking Joe Hart for time-wasting – let’s hope that he and his fellow referees are consistent when it comes to other keepers playing against Celtic…

Joe Hart was shown a yellow card for time wasting in the dying embers of the game at Dens yesterday, and it had every single Celtic supporter saying exactly the same thing.

We were all united in disbelief that John Beaton decided to brandish the yellow to the Englishman when he and his fellow officials have constantly overlooked the same actions of opposition keepers and outfield players at Celtic Park this season.

If you’ve sat through most games at Paradise this season, you will have witnessed numerous opposition keepers and outfield players committing the same offence on several occasions yet 99 percent of the times they escape any form of punishment. The worst that happens to them is that the referee will point to his wrist to indicate that he’ll be adding time on.  But Joe Hart got booked for his second attempt at retrieving the ball from the away support at Dens Park.

Yet Beaton seen it fit to caution the Celtic keeper for doing the same as his fellow opponents. That is quite remarkable and does nothing to help the whistlers case regarding accusations of having an agenda against our club.

I refuse to be a hypocrite and going by the rules of the game Joe was rightly cautioned. But I and the rest of the Celtic supporters wouldn’t mind if it was more consistent and we seen punishments handed out on a regular basis especially at Celtic Park where time wasting is committed as early as the twentieth minute.

When that starts to happen then we can all agree that it’s a good thing. All eyes will now be on officials and their actions regarding time wasting, starting at Celtic Park this Saturday as Celtic look to open up a six points advantage at the top of the Scottish Premiership.

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  1. I’ve witnessed it at the first kick out waisting time is an offence for 90 minutes not just last five dens park Hart had to chase after ball behind goals while ball boys sat in corner with ball in hand telling young lads to help in time waisting disgusting yes and it comes from manager if he not involved why and who us telling the boys poor example someone at the club have to answer for it it’s cheating

  2. It isn’t the responsibility of the goalie or other players to retrieve the ball from behind the goal! That’s why there are ball boys!
    Beaton is a cheat and a bigot, and this is one of the reasons he has been overlooked by UEFA for the upcoming European Championship in the summer. The other of course is his incompetence.
    But it is also a reminder that with four remaining games, the season isn’t over yet! The SFA still has a part to play!

  3. Seemed a harsh booking as Joe would have been perfectly within his rights to wait on his goal line for the ball boys to retrieve the ball. Other than that I thought Beaton had a decent game to be honest.

    Our performance for about 20 minutes in the second half was the worst and most inept I’ve seen from a Celtic side in decades. Our midfield was posted missing, McGregor is clearly not fit. o’Riley was ineffective and Hatate was getting bullied (watch Lundstram do that). I was shouting at the TV ‘ffs Brendan wake up!’, to be fair he did and the subs he made were spot on and the whole situation calmed down. A freak goal let them back in but we were inches away from 3-0 and pushing to improve goal difference. To be honest I’’d have Calum on the bench next week and play Iwati.

    Ps. I watch on Celtic TV here in the US, but the game was live on Paramount and I switched. I cannot bear Peter Grant’s voluble, boring commentary, his every comment is a rambling essay, I’m literally shouting at the TV ‘ would you shut the f up? Aside from that I think he’s a jinx. Bring back Tommy Boyd.

  4. Bring backm Tom Boyd agreed, Grant good Celtic man , but boring as rankers. HH from Germany.