Only in Scotland. You couldn’t mark the neck of that lot with a blowtorch

Only in Scotland!

You couldn’t mark the neck of that lot with a blowtorch.

After roping in the SPFL, Sky TV, and the Police to reschedule their weekend’s match with Motherwell from the Sunday to the Saturday – under the guise of having extra time to prepare for their Europa League tie with RB Leipzig – it appears theRangers extra day of rest and recuperation may have to be used to recover from last night’s Player of the Year awards – I guess rescheduling that affair was far more difficult than managing the logistics of a rearranged Scottish premiership game.

It very much puts to bed the theory the Ibrox club had an altruistic sense of their European semi-final being ‘for the good of Scottish football’, the line peddled to Motherwell boss Graham Alexander, who was the last to find out on Tuesday afternoon the fixture had been rescheduled and therefore impinging on his carefully laid out training plans for the week ahead.

Yet this should come as no surprise. After all this is the club who were asking for favours after spending the season standing in the way for what was good for Scottish football, such as voting against the brining forward of the winter break to give fans a chance to attend the games, or jeopardising the SPFL sponsorship deal simply because it was with a rival used car operation, very much at odds with someone on theRangers board who may operate in that very marketplace.

But don’t expect any comment from Neil Doncaster et al at the SPFL on this one, after all when it comes to the Ibrox, it’s all about bending over backwards or indeed assuming the position. It’s almost as if the Ibrox club know where the skeletons are buried is it not?

Yet while Neil Doncaster and chums may well stay silent it would be interesting to hear the thoughts of Graham Alexander and Motherwell, who were very much expected to be the silent partners in the weekend’s fixture rejig. I’m sure the Motherwell boss would be far more vocal than Mr Doncaster, but that would take an inquisitive press to consider asking the question – and we all know they are far too compliant for that!

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