Opinion: Booing the players after a win is not the answer

Supporters are entitled to vent their frustration, but after a win it’s just plain daft, in my view. Some boos were heard around Celtic park yesterday as the final whistle sounded after a trudged performance against Ross County.

A section of supporters vented their displeasure at the lacklustre performance against the side who sit second bottom of the table, and while they pay good money to be entitled to do so, it seems silly as we did win the game after all.

It makes them look very self-entitled and spoilt, that’s not harsh as it’s the truth. How many sides have supporters booing them off the park after a victory that takes them five points clear at the top of the table? Not many, if any I can imagine.

Yes it was a poor, poor performance, but we did win and we earned the three points. Three points that could be vital at the end of the season. If we win the league, who’s going to remember a poor performance in late January?

These are the sort of games that win you titles, the ones you grind out while you aren’t at your best. They say it’s the sign of champions after all. Yes we have other problems at the moment, but booing the players after a win is not the answer.

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An ordinary everyday Celtic supporters hailing and still residing in Govan in the shadows of the enemy. I’m a season ticket holder. I Witnessed my first Celtic game in 1988 and have attended when I can ever since. Growing up in the 90s I witnessed Celtic at their lowest, and now appreciate the historic success we enjoy today. I enjoy writing about this wonderful football club and hopefully will continue to do so. I’ve always been a keen writer and initially started this a hobby. My ambition is to one day become as good an author as my fellow Celtic Star colleagues.


  1. Jamie Struthers on

    I dont think the boos were directed at the players. It was a sign of frustration towards the entire club for sleepwalking into an inevitable disaster. A transfer window that Rodgers more or less said we would be getting FOUR quality new additions has resulted in 1 unknown winger and Rodgers to now say he’s happy with the squad despite moaning about the lack of quality after every bad performance so far this season. The boos were directed at the board, the manager, the horrible playing surface, Mark Lawwell and the fact we’ve gone from having a new CEO, new manager with exciting, fast flowing football to going back to the old hated CEO, a manager who walked out on us leaving us buggered and a style of football our previous manager would be having nightmares about. Regression of the highest order.

    • You ain’t a fan. You know nothing about this game or this club the troubles we have endured and surpassed. We are in profit , have an excellent stadium , training facilities, and cooperate income. The best squad manager , with unprecedented successes now the world leader in trebles !! Yet you bitch and moan about people you have a problem with who are EMPLOYEES of the club , run by DD . Grow up educate yourself and try a bit of realism !!

  2. Firstly, I never booed yesterday. However in humble opinion those that did in the main weren’t directing their frustrations as much at the players as the Board. Brendan has made it crystal clear we need quality added & with 4 days to go till the window closes the pressure is growing. So I can totally understand the reaction yesterday. Nothing to do with entitlement, everything to do with ambition – or a lack of!!
    From the supporters viewpoint the strategy needs to change, the risk averse attitude to spending money needs to change, the Board member longevity & resulting staleness needs to change, and the European ambition needs to do likewise.
    There is a HUGE prize in plain sight and we have more than the means to get it. And stop our closest rivals from doing likewise. If things don’t change in the next 4 days and we lose the league the Board & their legacy will forever be held accountable.

    • I gave off to friends about BR’s tactics & the performances of some players though would never boo our team.
      I totally understand the frustration of fans, however & would suggest that the booing was directed at the Board who are failing the club – how else can fans show their frustration?
      BR said right from the start that he needed 4 quality players & I know that the January window is far from easy but what have the Board being doing since BR said that & in the months leading up to Jan? Have they not managed to identify players they want to fit the bill?

    • Eugene McElhinney on

      It seems the lower down the league a team is, the harder they are to beat. A paradox. Can Brendan not figure out how to unpark the bus ? Despite the obvious need for signings, the players we have, name by name, should be able to find a way.
      Put it this way, if we replaced Kyogo with Haaland, would things massively improve. They would improve but not by much I reckon. If the striker isn’t fed, it doesn’t matter who he is.

    • 100% This Board are sailing us down the clyde.helped by this manager.Majority of crowd are paid up ST holders so committed fans,it’s about time we done something as a group to show this shower how we feel,very hard to hurt them as ST mostly paid up
      Support the Team
      Sack the Board

  3. Those who stand still will be passed by.
    That is the way Our Board are running the club.
    Rodgers only won trophies whilst there was no challenge from The Rangers, Rodgers jumped ship and left a team in decline.
    Rodgers plays the poorest style of football going, just look at where he left Leicester.
    We bring him back and also the problems.
    Lawell, Lawell, Nicholson &Rodgers are not good for Celtic.
    All the money in the bank will go towards the Greedy Brigade paying themselves profit bonus.
    How long will it take for the £70 million to change accounts.
    Only people who can stop this board are the fans, don’t put any money into the club until change happens.