Opinion – Green Brigade ban a low point from Celtic Board

The Celtic Star has always provided a platform for Celtic supporters to express their views and our writers are all free to express their own opinions with only the minimum of editorial interference, removing offensive language or the three letter word that’s been weaponised across the road.

So when an article appears it’s always the view of the writer and is never a collective editorial stance from The Celtic Star.

Today and probably over the coming days we will publish various articles on the club’s decision that was announced yesterday to ban the Green Brigade from Celtic Park pending a review with the ultras group which hopefully happens as soon as possible.

First up is Just an Ordinary Bhoy who is angry at the ban and believes that the safety issues are not the real reason, rather that it is all down to the Palestine flag display last week against Atletico Madrid, something that Celtic deny.

It might be helpful before going any further to re-state the reasons Celtic have given for this ban being issued, as The Celtic Star reported yesterday afternoon. The specific points causing the ban are as follows:

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1.The widespread and unsafe use of pyrotechnics in Feyenoord on 19 September, which resulted in a fine for the Club from UEFA and safety issues for, and complaints from, other Celtic supporters;

2 .The unsafe behaviour at Fir Park on 30 September, including rushing turnstiles and forcing open fire exits to permit access to individuals without tickets and pitch incursions;

3.Illegally gained access to Celtic Park in advance of the match against Lazio on 4 October to bring in an unauthorised banner, including deliberate circumvention of safety and security rules and protocols, and intimidating and threatening behaviour towards staff;

4. Abuse of matchday access at Celtic Park in advance of the match against Kilmarnock on 7 October and another unauthorised display, breaching the restrictions previously communicated, and intimidating and threatening behaviour towards staff;

5. Abuse of matchday access at Celtic Park in advance of the match against Atletico Madrid on 25 October and another unauthorised display, breaching the restrictions previously communicated, including circumvention of safety and security procedures and the migration of many members of the group (some of whom were wearing face coverings) out of the Rail Seating Section across the North Stand prior to kick off; and

6. Unsafe behaviour at Easter Road on 28 October, including violent and intimidating behaviour towards stewards.

On the Palestine flag display at the three recent matches – Hearts, Atletico Madrid and Hibs – The Celtic Star specifically challenged the club about this yesterday afternoon and the club deny that this display had anything at all to do with the ban.

That’s something you may or may not believe depending on where you stand on this matter but essentially it is irrelevant as it’s the points above that need to be addressed by the parties directly involved – the Celtic Board and the Green Brigade – if a satisfactory resolution is to be found.

If you are reading this and would like to outline your own thoughts you can do so in the comments section below. Alternative if you would like to pen an article for us to publish please feel free to do so and you can email this through to editor@thecelticstar.co.uk

Over to Just an Ordinary Bhoy as his article was the first to arrive…

‘Low blow from the board, but not surprising. A club open to all? Don’t make me laugh…’ Just an Ordinary Bhoy

Our board has only gone and banned the Green Brigade. Yes the spineless suits have made of a mockery of our club’s ‘Open to All’ motto that we pride ourselves on.

The fact that they are hiding behind it being a ‘safety’ issue shows them for what they are. Do you feel unsafe around the Green Brigade? I certainly don’t, and I know the overwhelming majority of the supporters don’t either.

Of course it’s nothing to do with safety, it’s all to do with the flying of the Palestinian flag. Nothing else, and before anyone starts with incidents at Fir Park and pyrotechnics etc, stop. It’s got nothing to do with that, sweet FA.

The powers that be have had the daggers out for the North Curve ever since the Kilmarnock game at the beginning of the month. Yes those banners in support of Palestine really struck a blow in the boardroom. You have to ask why? Seriously what is the problem with our supporters showing support to an oppressed nation, one that is suffering in the most horrific way?

After all we were urged to back Ukraine during their plight that is still ongoing. What’s changed because that too is seen as ‘political’ is it not?

The majority of the stadium showed solidarity with Palestine as they held up their flag before the Atletico Madrid game. Are they going to ban each and every one of them also? Of course not as that would starve them of what they like most and that is of course money. Cash before principles. That’s now the Celtic way under this Board.

This Celtic Board has shamefully forgotten what our club is built on and what we stand for. This decision to ban the Green Brigade is one that they might live to regret.  Many Celtic supporters are angry, and when it comes to ill feeling between supporters and the board, there is usually only one winner, and it ain’t the suits.

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

About Author

An ordinary everyday Celtic supporters hailing and still residing in Govan in the shadows of the enemy. I’m a season ticket holder. I Witnessed my first Celtic game in 1988 and have attended when I can ever since. Growing up in the 90s I witnessed Celtic at their lowest, and now appreciate the historic success we enjoy today. I enjoy writing about this wonderful football club and hopefully will continue to do so. I’ve always been a keen writer and initially started this a hobby. My ambition is to one day become as good an author as my fellow Celtic Star colleagues.


  1. Does open to all include Israeli people and players or just “the selected people” the green Brigade decide. Keep politics out of sport and in particular our club and stadium

    • Looks like you’ve fallen into the trap of equating empathy for the Palestinian people (of all creeds), with antesemiticsm. The ongoing indiscriminate killing of innocent men women & children of all creeds should be a concern to all reasonable-minded people.
      As for ‘politics’ – they’ve never been kept out of sport … banning of Russian athletes; wearing the poppy; etc. It seems that call only comes when it suits.

      • Disgruntled Celtic Fan on

        To the GB fanboys in this comment section asking how do we know the majority of celtic fans are and tired of the GB and don’t agree with them then look at this comment section and any other comment section on posts, YouTube or twitter where it hasn’t been posted by the GB or affiliates.

        We are sick of them. A couple of hundred ppl, waving Palestine flags, in a stadium of 60,000 shows the majority are sick of them.

        They force their extreme leftist garbage down own throats and some ppl go along with it cos its a catchy tune. Those who support them by and large don’t have a bloody clue about middle Eastern history, politics, or the plight the Jewish people have faced.

        Since the GB ‘Ultras’ (jakey socialist hooligans) first arrived they have consistently put themselves ahead of the club, like they are the privileged few that everyone must follow.

        Who do they think they are? Releasing statements like they were some democratically elected fan group. They aren’t. They are a bunch of idiots who have cost celtic hundreds of thousands in fines, could end up getting stands closed in Europe, force other fans to tolerate their bam friends overcrowding one area of the ground, force their way through turnstiles and open fire escapes to let their wee ned pals in, and operate like they have the right to do whatever the want.

        Get them and keep them the hell out of celtic. Celtic had the best atmosphere in europe before these bams appeared with their stupid drums

        • People should be allowed to voice their political opinions but not to the detriment of the club. Liel Abbada is a Celtic player, Nir Bitton served this club for years. Our club and in particular our supporters should be showing that we are 100 pct behind them as individuals despite what is happening in their country. As already said by a number of posters in this forum, The Green Brigade are a politically motivated organisation and not representative of the majority of Celtic minded fans whose soul purpose at matches is to give the Bhoys all the support and backing that they can in way of creating the best atmosphere of any football ground on this planet. No one is telling the Green Brigade they cant support the palestinians, but instead of waving Palestinian flags pick up a club flag. Green, White and Gold like it should be.

    • I attended my first game in 1958 and have watched in disbelief at the rise of the Green Brigade. We have had great atmosphere and support at Celtic Park long before the rise of these coffee shop politicos. I wonder if the Palestinian flag was Red,White and Blue if they would be so keen. People who say they speak for the ‘ majority ‘ of fans are delusional.

  2. Not before time these people are banned. Should have happened a long time ago. Who do they think they are, preaching to other supporters, the majority of supporters want nothing to do with them

    • It’s down to the board not liking the Palestine flag being flown,all these other so called breaches are being fed to the media so the ordinary fan turns on the GB ,I for one don’t agree with the ban and I don’t think the GB try to force other fans into their views,live and let live HH

    • Where is your proof that the majority of supporters want nothing to do with the GB?
      You may speak for yourself but certainly not for the ‘majority’.
      I wouid suggest that a lot of fans may not agree with everything the GB do but they do provide an unprecedented atmosphere at games & our Board, led by the devious Lawell, are a lily-livered bunch of cowards who are dishonest with fans & use the more gullible with their guff about being a ‘family’ club as it suits.

  3. I think you will find many her disagree with you and although we do not always agree with GB we think banning them is over the top. Of all the incidents mentioned by the Board they do not provide evidence or police arrests to justify these claims. This is a political decision by a Board who say they don’t do Politics but it’s ok if it is Ukraine or Ireland. This is a bad day for Celtic FC and many fans I know share the same views

    • Totally agree with the above comments. Ban them. Plenty of others waiting for tickets, put seats back.

  4. Green brigade are hypocrites – open to all only if you agree with their politics! Remember banner telling Rod Stewart to f… off because he was a tory! He is a Celtic supporter full stop and should be welcomed.

  5. The banning of the G.B. Is a political act in itself. This board are becoming increasingly right wing. Greed and power over the masses. They may have the club in a good financial place but they don’t represent the vast majority of our supporters. To be supportive of the Israel government at this time is reprehensible.

  6. The board provide a list of incidents and yet some fans still believe this is just about flags for Palestine. The club has a duty of care to its staff, and if they’re being intimidated at their workplace then the club has to act. The restricted away ticket allocation for a number of grounds is only going to increase the number of incidents of certain fans forcing their way in. The club is right to act as it has. The Celtic Park atmosphere was praised long before the GB came into being, and it will be praised long after they’re gone. I love what they bring to the stadium, but if they’re constantly overstepping the mark then there’s only ever going to be one winner.

  7. By calling out the corrupt SFA and their referees the G B and the vast majority of the support would imo
    respect the board.They would be showing us they care about Celtic and the fan base. The support are
    Celtic without us there is no Celtic.O for a john reid kind of chairman Sort out the media as well or we’
    will allways be sitting at the back of the bus in this bigoted little country.

    • Long long overdue , take their politics , flags and pyrotechnics and bugger off and join up with their pals at Hamas & Isis before they get the Club tossed out of European competition or even worse

    • Get the GB out of celtic park. We don’t need them. They continually bring the club into disrepute.

  8. I agree with some of the reasons the board have given here. Pyro is dangerous and has caused some supporters with health issues some distress. It also results in a UEFA fine and will eventually see a section of the stadium closed (probably the North Curve). The banner at the Lazio game should have just been ‘AntiFa’, there was no reason to include the image of Mussolini nor the insult to Lazio. Violence, threats and intimidation of staff is just a ‘no, no’. These are guys doing a job for minimum wage; leave them alone.
    The board haven’t mentioned Palestine/Israel so why do you? I’d be surprised if anyone on the board supports Israel’s actions in Gaza.

    • Fully agree with your comments. The GB are not the Celtic supporters voice. They are entitled to their opinion but when that opinion damages the reputation and finances of the club, it becomes a problem. They ignore many of the reasons why the club has banned them to focus on their narrative that they are the victims. This shows a complete lack of understanding on their part. Some of the reasons amount to criminal acts and I think the Celtic Board have been lenient in their actions

      • Seen my first celtic match 1963. Didn’t have no green brigade back then and don’t need them now. Nothing but trouble for club. Get rid of standing area and disperse them all over stadium. If they don’t like that idea. Cheerio then.

  9. The so called North Curve have for years engaged in a battle with the Celtic board who run the club.
    This animosity towards the board is cultural & political. The North Curve or GB gleefully take every opportunity to embarrass the club by taking an opposing view to the board on every conceivable issue.
    This has cost the club & therefore other supporters thousands of pounds in fines from Uefa for deliberate action by the GB. The same group see any rules by Iefa for participation in their tournaments as persecution & like children, their reaction is infantile & selfish.
    This action by the club is long overdue – years overdue.

    Celtic became a business in 1893 & the revitalized club after Fergus has established a charity side that impresses all who encounter it.
    The GB resent Tories, businessmen & anyone who doesn’t see the world the way they do.
    They do not speak for me ever.

    MY club is genuinely open to all, not just to those that the FB minority approve of.
    I commend the board & ask that they hold fast & not surrender, for the sake of all fans.

  10. You ” know the overwhelming majority of supporters don’t either ” ( feel unsafe with the GB ) .
    Just like the arrogant statements issued by the GB , YOU appear to think YOU speak for ”the majority” of supporters .
    Newsflash ! You don’t – neither does the GB , nor do I or anybody else !

    True , many supporters appear to support the Palestinian cause , but please don’t say that YOU speak for me or the vast number who support Celtic .
    On the flying of the Palestinian flag , I have no issue with that . But there have been too many incidents with the GB over recent years that have brought the club trouble . They have become a group who believe that whatever THEY do or think is a reflection of the whole support . They do NOT !
    They issue ”Statements” as if they were a democratically elected forum to represent the views of the Celtic Support – They are NOT !

    They were originally constituted to be a focus for cheer-leading at Celtic park – to lead chants/songs to support the team but have become a bloated , arrogant bunch of juvenile egos who appear to think that they are the REAL Celtic supporters and the rest of us , who have put in many decades of support , are there to support THEM not the team .

  11. If the GB or anybody else want to support a political cause let them do it outside the ground or at organised demonstrations elsewhere. Support the team. Commend the Boatd (on this issue) I suspect if the Palestine flag wasc red white and blue this would not be an issue. Posturing whole harming our clubs reputation hels no-one.

  12. If the GB or anybody else want to support a political cause let them do it outside the ground or at organised demonstrations elsewhere. Support the team. Commend the Board (on this issue) I suspect if the Palestine flag was red white and blue this would not be an issue. Posturing while harming our clubs reputation helps no-one.

  13. It’s all fine when it’s Ukrainian or Ireland flags but not if it’s Palestinian? Also some of the reasoning the board give is bollox. “Antifa banner” like really?? That’s a reason? It’s a good thing to be antifacist but they said in another article “it could offend Lazio fans” LOL. What a joke. The thing I will criticize gb tho for is they gotta stop with the flares. 1 of the reasons was for “violence against staff” citation needed. They’re making stuff up there. The only legitimate 1 is the use of flares, the rest they’re just looking for bullshit reasons. Pathetic

    • I’ve supported Celtic for sixty years, and have never been so embarrassed. The only question is why it has taken so long to ban this self righteous bunch of attention seekers. Politics have no place in football – full stop. They don’t represent me, and I don’t believe they represent the majority of Celtic supporters.I want to return to the good old days when the actual game was the centre of attention, without having minority views shoved down our throats, and broadcast round the world. It’s a few hundred people blackening the name of the club. Keep them out, there’s plenty of people to take their place.

  14. GB, headed by a few with their own agenda and followed by the gullible who believe everything they say, their views are heavily one sided and unbalanced not healthy, have cost CFC a fortune over the years money that could have been better spent in promoting the good name of this great club. I say great club but now their name is tarnished throughout Europe because of these idiots.
    Not in My Name

  15. The capitalist agenda is to silence the people so that can do what they want. We all love Celtic , we all hate oppression , our board are just a cog in the capitalist oppressive machine that is our world. Why is anyone surprised by their actions .

    • Get a grip. Our club is a capitalist organisation. Always has been. It was born for charity but did not last for more than 5 year as that. You cant compete in capitalist football without being such an organisation yourself. Football is about money these days. Unless you want the club to go backwards. How many Soviet Bloc teams won anything on a European level?

  16. No Celtic FAN gives a shit about the GB and their views on ALL NON Celtic matters. If they want to help these communities and protest about OTHER countries problems then they can do so in their own time AWAY from Celtic Park. Until they want to put that energy into actually supporting the team then keep them away.

  17. John Fitzpatrick on

    Could it be possible that the “Friends of Israel” members might reach further than we thought?

  18. I used to sit next to the GB had to move . They were whacked out on everything , aggressive – I was repeatedly ,challenged for not singing !!!!

    They expected that their pals could come along and share their seats etc…

    The board should limit numbers in that area . It has become a magnet for all the Ned’s and employ stewards that will intervene and eject. In days gone by the Police would move into the crowd and warn fans about behavior , escorted people out – that has to happen again..

    It’s got nothing to do with Palestine.or Flags

  19. Celtic board should be ashamed the gb bring colour atmosphere to the club every other blub have them when i read some the comments i think the should were red and blue and jump ship europe and the rest the rest of the stand by and watch the bodys of children crushed by bombs but when it was uekraine the could not arm them quick enough and give them billions so whats wrong people expressing there feelings lawell andco are divided our support wont back the maneger just banking the money you need atmasphere at fooball not dummys who wont speak up for the club theres a lot more i could say but ill leave it

    • The treatment of the Palestinians is awful and should be condemned But 1400 israelis were killed recently. Who in the GB speaks for them. This phony we represent the oppressed GB stance does not belong at Celtic Park. Take it elsewhere. Or condemn both sides for their murderous activity.

  20. I agree with the withdrawal of the green brigade tickets and I think it is not before time. The statement `Football without fans is nothing` is valid here more than ever. I come to Celtic Park to watch football and consider myself a football fan, so do the majority of the people there. Others however are less interested in the football and what is going on on the pitch. Maybe they take victory for granted and so focus on other things. When do we see banners supporting and encouraging the players and the team? increasingly rarely! In the ground (or on TV) you can wait a long time before you hear a song that supports the team or individual players, and when you do those are often `added to` with some or other chant about the IRA. Can we get back to supporting Celtic and supporting the team, can we get rid of these so called `fans` and get some real `supporters` in instead, there`s plenty looking for tickets? And if we must have banners that comment about war etc can we have ones that support peace and reconciliation and recognise the harm that comes to those innocents on all sides? . When we are at Celtic Park can we remember that this is Scotland not Ireland, This is football not war, this is Celtic on the pitch not the IRA, the Government, The King or the establishment. The past is important but let it not hinder our future. Support the team, encourage the team, be a football fan. Continue the way we are going and none of us will be seeing football as they will shut the ground and possibly ban us from competitions. We already have to pay out money to UEFA on a regular basis and they are not going away. The consequences of keeping on down this track are no games, no money and maybe as a result a team that will not be successful and a club with a reputation we do not want instead of the one we do. Celtic is a club for all, really, not these days, lets get back on track!! Football with fans is everything and Celtic Park is the place to experience it, football with politics to the extent it is now is heading for trouble. I do believe in the right to freedom of expression, just that at Celtic Park express your views about football and express your views about politics etc. somewhere else. Think about this, when and where you do that then I might be standing next to you with the same views or expressing my own and so might many others!! There is a time and a place!! Also a thought, who would want to play for fans or a club that is not interested in the players and in effect excludes (yes I said it) those who don`t fit with their views, we have players of all races and religions and they have to listen to what comes off the terraces too, they want to be the heroes we sing about and we need to encourage them to get there . Rant over.

  21. Some additional comments that have been sent through via email…

    High time these guys were put in there place, tail wagging the dog. No doubt they bring noise and colour, particularly at the less glamorous games. Fergus McCann eradicated the IRA tunes and the vast majority of supporters dont want to listen to Rebel tunes while watching the football

    Get the impression it’s a handful of older guys with an Agenda taking advantage of some young immature boys. I would be happy to wave a Palestine flag at the game, however there is something about this group that constantly let us down.

    Alan B

    As a Celtic supporter, born and raised in Glasgow and living in Derry for over 25 years now. I think the actions of the Celtic board are utterly disgraceful. We, the fans, know that this ban has little or nothing to do with the use of pyrotechnics at games, or any of the other reasons cited, such as unofficial or unapproved early access to games.

    This ban is entirely to do with the display of Palestinian flags, in support of and in Solidarity with the Palestinian people. People who are currently being brutalised, displaced, besieged, maimed and murdered, by an act of collective punishment against all of them by the Far right government of Israel.

    This outrageous response by the government of the increasingly autocratic Benjamin Netanyahu, to the vile terror attacks of Hamas on October 7th 2023 breaks Geneva Conventions, ignores UN resolutions, current and past and is a war crime against the Palestinian people; Men, women and children imprisoned, bombed, shelled, murdered, or maimed in Gaza and being driven at rifle point from land and villages in The West Bank.

    For the rich men on the board of Celtic Football Club to deny our fans the right to publicly display their solidarity with the Palestinian people and show their horror at the mass murder being perpetrated against Palestinians, by the government of Israel, is utterly abhorrent. Here, in the city of Derry and in many other cities around the world, there are daily acts of solidarity with Palestinians and regular demonstrations against this illegal war of occupation.

    The famous Free Derry Wall currently reflects the solidarity of people here with the Palestinian people.
    The famous Derry Walls are regularly being lit up in the colours of the Palestinian flag.

    In the wake of this disgraceful act by our board of rich men, I implore every Celtic fan, at every game, to bring flags and placards and demonstrate our solidarity with the Palestinian people and let us continue to do so until Benjamin Netanyahu and his henchmen appear in the Hague charged with war crimes.

    Frank Rafferty

    Firstly I applaud the actions of the GB when it comes to the charitable side , food banks etc, that they do and the time they give up to do so . But, imo, that gets washed away with constant tirade against the club, other Celtic supporters and in general the refusal to behave as an organised group should.

    The club have been fined so many times over the years ,imo, they have had enough despite previous warning and the away game ban. Yet they proceed to carry on in the same vein, constantly ignoring not guidelines but firm instructions that cannot be deviated from. I personally have at least two run ins with the GB when they refused to move from seats that was allocated to myself and my partner but they just refused to move , as they seem to do at EVERY away game.

    On one of the days if my partner hadn’t calmed me down would have led to a physical altercation and I could have been banned due to it. I was in Nottingham when a fire exit was opened an thousands of fans got in without using tickets and certainly too many for that section. You can see that on You Tube videos of the game and the carnage that caused.

    Only by luck and quick thinking of police at the trackside that could have ended in our Hillsbourgh. I think that they have grown into a group that has zero disregard for the Club and their fellow supporters in the way they behave and conduct themselves. And it’s hard enough getting tickets for away matches then we have them opening fire doors and causing overcrowding in a certain part of Fir Park.

    Clubs may think twice on giving us tickets if they see that this is a trend, that’s a fact . They either toe the line or they go, full stop.

    Scott Smyth

    If banning the Green Brigade is not because of their political view then that allows the rest of us who are sickened with the atrocities that are happening in Palestine, to wave our flags in support for Palestinian people, no safety issues that I can see waving a flag or wearing Palestine colours.

    The same type of flags waved for Ukraine that where deemed safe then, politics is in football just look over the road with the poppys etc do you think the Rangers board will ban their supporters? I’m afraid not they sanctioned it and the army absailing from stands etc because they believe in their own traditions and what they as a club stand for and rightly so, If that’s their believe and wish to support that.

    Our club born from the same frustrations as the Palestine people. They want us to forget our traditions or put them to the side because city banks rule the world and Israel has the power to pull the plug on all outstanding debts from the UK, America etc

    We more than ever should support the oppressed not the oppressor. No-one is backing Hamas, but we are backing the plight of people of Palestine, if you’ve walked in their shoes for decades and been abused, killed etc as much as the Palestinian people have then maybe you can see why the situation has escalated, it never started on 7th Oct 23 it started in 1947 I think, but maybe was brought to a head by the Hamas attack on the 7th.

    But innocent people are dying right now, children,women, the sick – two wrongs don’t make a right so it has to stop and we all have a responsibility to say it’s wrong and the only way to do that is to do it enmass like at football stadiums, rallies etc we need to say out loud it’s wrong , stop stop stop!

    And here we are ,no Green Brigade at Easter Road and two points dropped, as much as the Bhoys tried to support our team they are not the Green Brigade , nor have they passion that encourages our team ,and now when we need an even bigger support to cheer our lads on against St Mirren tonight our biggest singing voice will be absent again , so we are shooting ourselves in the foot.

    i know the board will be saying no support at Ibrox and we won, but we need all the support we can get, I don’t agree with everything the Green Brigade do, but when it comes to supporting our team or for the oppressed across the world no one does it better and I think its all our duty to support them, or do we sell the heart that keeps our club beating? Thanks.
    Joe Soap

    Sorry I think it is time we learned to live without the Green Brigade. I have every sympathy for both sides of this terrible war but I go to Celtic park to get a bit of peace away from all this and they are determined to stop that. Almost all supporters at Celtic Park have problems of their own and enjoy a little time away we don’t need to see men in Balclaves at the football if they really want to help the poor souls over in Palestine they should go over there to help. So sorry, I can live without the Green Brigade.

    I believe the decision to ban them is correct. I go to support Celtic and not to attend a political rally.
    It causes a foul atmosphere in the stands and causes trouble in other areas of the ground.

    Bob O’Brien

    Banning the GB not before time. Not for the Palestine flags but continual pyros which are dangerous and keeping us getting fined which if they keep doing it will eventually be a ground closure.


  22. Another received via email…

    I believe that the ban is everything to do with the Palestinian Display. Otherwise, the ban is as ill advised as the Victory to the Resistance banner, and the timing to boot.

    However, the GB should be praised for highlighting the Palestinian plight. We are faced with a hostlile government, a dishonest andd lying MSM and Islaeli propaganda in overdrive.

    Having listened to live broadcasts from Gaza, the victims definitely feel forgotten to the outside world while Israel perpetrate Genecide on the inhabitants. In short, they are helpless. If you look at the scenes and comments on You Tube re “you’ll never walk alone”

    There are lots of support coming throughout the world.

    Remember, this has been going on since 1917 via the Balfour Declaration. It is not new but a permanent struggle for Equality.

    Racism is at the root of the problem… Resulting in Ethnic Cleansing and Apartheid and all the utterly brutal inhuman practises perpetrated on the victims by the Israeli state.

    I won’t be going to the St Mirren game tonight. I just can’t bring myself to go and neither is my wife. I am heartily sickened by this board. Proper fed up with people to my mind side with Zionists. I worry for the league now because I feel the GB get the atmosphere going and definitely help the team. Going on from here, I have not made up my mind even though a prominent blogger has invited simphisiers to follow the GB and hand in their tickets. A disgraceful comment and not on this site.

    Yours in Celtic, Frank Speirs

  23. And another…

    I have to fully concur the decision re banning any supporting groups that are illegally entering grounds Thats a criminal offence.

    Threatening others – Thats a criminal offence.

    Pyrotechnics use in a stadium with thousands of supports…staff…players is blatantly stupid and dangerous and please dont say BUT OTHER CLUBS USE THEM. It’s a free country but no political stance especially of the escalating violence that is happening around the world should be allowed. The list is endless..

    Celtic is one of the biggest football clubs in the world and should be known and acknowledged for that…not for bigotry…hatred ..ultras…etc..again the list can go on.

    As a supporter one of many hundreds of thousands of supporters we want our Club to be known as A FOOTBALL CLUB.. respected and spoken about as that, not what these violent and vicious groups are spreading and destroying the legacy of CELTIC.

    Not only has the board spoken but ao has the fans..THE REAL FANS.

    Now stand up listen and take action return Celtic to being a FOOTBALL club and not as a platform for politics..not that most of these people yes people because they are not fans even understand the first thing about what they are protesting about…It’s disgraceful and shameful the club is in the media for every reason that is opposite to football.

    Then we expect big players to join Celtic in this climate


    Cathie Mcdonald