Opinion: Greg Taylor should be starting every week

On a night of snow and woe for Celtic, their loyal fans were reminded once again that if the title hadn’t already been wrapped up, then it certainly was tonight in the dismal draw against Livingston. No win in three games for Celtic – in games they would have breezed through in years gone by – have led to fans calling for Neil Lennon’s head as boss.

He wasn’t helped by even more abhorrent defending by his back line; in particular a feeble performance between the sticks by Vasilis Barkas and another awful turnout by Shane Duffy went a long way in dropping points, which inevitably will push the ginger gaffer closer to the exit.

However, one performance from the left-hand side of the backline was noted upon for all of the right reasons, with Greg Taylor earning plaudits online from the club support.

The full back, who was bought from Kilmarnock in the summer of 2019, filled in for Diego Laxalt, and fans were reminded that despite the Uruguayan having a pedigree boasting an AC Milan move, Taylor was much better against Livi than Laxalt has been throughout the season – and the man from Greenock was rightly praised for his performance.

Laxalt has been heavily linked with a permanent move to Celtic Park over the summer for a cut-price fee of just over £7m, but with Taylor having put in a good performance at the Toni Macaroni, Celtic may feel pushed to spend that money elsewhere.

Taylor is sometimes harshly judged, probably owing to the task facing him in replacing KT. However, he has proven to be consistent, brave and determined – all of which Celtic have been lacking in.

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  1. Are you serious? Taylor’s final ball is woeful and usually fails to beat the first man. Callum McGregor spent half the night covering for him defensively.

    Add to that Greg Taylor’s major part in losing the second goal by losing his man then embarrassing himself by sprawling on the deck as he tried to get back and travel.

    A mediocre journeyman who is never Celtic level and contributes regularly to the defensive shambles we currently are.

  2. Cant believe that’s how low our expectations have fallen that Taylor is seen as fit to wear a Celtic shirt. There’s several even better in the SPL. A lightweight with no presence

  3. Taylor is rotten final ball is dire. Hasn’t got a trick to beat a man. Caught out repeatedly at the back. He runs up and down the line aimlessly all game. I don’t like slanging off celtic players but we need major change a new direction no more panic buys