Opinion – Talk of multiple big money signings is nonsense

The silly season or the transfer window as it’s also known is already in full swing, and the crazy rumours that come with it are already in full flow.

Everyone and their granny is being linked with Celtic, by the media and also those supposedly in the know, those famous ITK bloggers, podcasters, forum users and tweeters can be just as bad as our friends in the SMSM with their wild takes on our supposed transfer targets.

Apparently we’re being linked to Scott McTominay who carries a £20 million plus transfer valuation not to mention his £70k a week salary. Also being linked with a record breaking £16 million move is Swiss youngster Fabian Rieder, a name I haven’t heard of, but by all accounts is a very talented player.

Switzerland’s head coach ] greets Switzerland’s midfielder Fabian Rieder during the UEFA Euro 2024 qualification football match between Switzerland and Israel at Stade de Geneve in Geneva on March 28, 2023.  (Photo by FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP via Getty Images)

You have got to take your hat off to those who come up with such stories, it will feature in the Scottish rags soon enough, as we know most of journalists now just scroll through social media for their exclusives, which in itself tells you about the standard of Scottish journalism.

These transfers are just wishful thinking, nothing more. I would like nothing more than it to be true, but it isn’t. If it does indeed turn out to be true I’ll apologise wholeheartedly to anyone actually ITK.

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  1. Same bs every season, 10-20 million pound players being quoted to join Celtic Fc. In the end it’ll be 4-5 £2-3million pound young players in the hope the business (club) sell em on for high fees.

    This is the business model we know, it’s been this way since after Martin O’Neil left. With the occasional larger fee purchase after a season long loan to prove themselves.

    • Clubs like Ajax Benfica have abandoned this business model in the last few years by bringing some big priced players as you need to supplement the projects to have any real chance of winning anything. Downside is you end up with duds like Bassey lol.
      Surely one of the greatest sales ever in football, he was decent for 1/2 a season and they flogged hime for £20 + million, cost the manager his job though lol